Is it worth moving to this area sounds kinda bad and any other suggestions with cheap rent

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Joybells 2yrs+
Worth or not, it 's depends of your needs.
Do you need close to public transport (bus/train)?
Do you need a good school? Hospital? TAB, cinema, Shopping mall? Target/coles/kmart/safeway/aldi//etc? Bowling? Italian, fish and chips, domino pizza, kfc, mcd, Chinese food/vietnam/thai food? We have that all in here.

We are family with 2 kids. Kids go to school just 5 minutes away from home. Tarneit west has Good News College School, Bethany School. Also Tarneit north has Heathdale, Grammar School etc. all of them a good schools and have a good results (above average) on naplan test.

Our kids also have piano lesson and guitar lesson in tarneit.

Swimming for you, Swimming lesson for kids? We have many in here.

Both of us works at CBD (28km away from Tarneit). Quite happy with public transport and driving to work is another option ( just go earlier before 6.30 if you don't want to experience traffix jam). Nearest train station: werribee, hoppers crossing, wyndham landing just 10 minutes away from tarneit by car.

If you want cheap rent, just do your market research first as sometimes cheap rent dependa of supply and demand and how much you can spent for.

We quite happy living here in Tarneit since 2007.

I hope this can answer your question.
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