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"The mayor of eagleby needs to wake up and take notice."

I bought here 2 years ago after renting for sometime. Its a great little area to live, with Easy reach of Gold coast, Brisbane City and the Redland shire. All about 25-35 mins up or down M1 highway. Its has alot to offer with sporting facility's, shops and general shops and medical centres etc. I like this area very much, but things need to change. Shopping centre needs updating, more petrol stations and maybe a cinema. Its has huge potential to be a mega top place if facilitys and new venues added. The only down side is the local mayor and council need to clean it up and start motioning to get rid of the lower class bad element that live here. Police need more powers and help to get rid of the small percentage of losers that give eagleby a bad stigma. I know personnally that one or two houses in a street can really bring much grief to other house owners. House commission and goverment authority departments need to harden up and get rid of these persons that absolutely wreck, smash and demolish these houses and use them to deal illegal products from. Its not hard to put in a good tenant who really needs the house and will treat it like there own, I know as I have a sister who has resided in house commissioning for many years and really looks after the house and property. Its better to do your research and investigate the person, before just putting them in there, as its the private owners who suffer for many years till finally they wake up and get rid of them. And would it not be more cost effective in the long run. As for this Eagleby is a great place and has and will continue to get better year in and year out. I would also like to say that the police and emergency services are second to none, they are absolutely fantastic and do a exceptional job within our community. Now maybe the council and the mayor of eagleby and beenleigh may wake up and really get behind eagleby community and do something for its excellent community residents. Invest, create and grow our suburb, put a bridge to mt cotton and give us a second way in and out of eagleby.

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You'll be waiting a while for the Lord Mayor of Eagleby or Beenleigh to do anything - they don't exist. Eagleby is part of Logan and Pam Parker is our mayor.


Lower class? Just because people are poor does not make them bad people. Quite judgemental there.


No one is judging. Its that persons opinion. This area IS lower class.


I agree. This place could be wonderful! But having been new to this area overall, my first impressions were not great. Living here for 3 yrs, I've decided to move somehwere nicer, safer and more family friendly. Eagleby/Beenleigh have great potential...but they are being neglected big time! And the amount of drugs/folk whom dont want to help themselves but yet want to cause trouble for everyone else, is disgusting.


I agree. I lived there for 5 year with two little kids. I did not experience anything awful. Granted, it is not a rich suburb, but it's safe enough for young family to live in. The fact the average age of the suburb is a few years younger than the national average seems to tell something.


Wake up people , the drug epidemic is everywhere , even more so in your better areas that you claim are out there .
I bought my house here nearly 13 years ago now , got a brick and tiled home and a large block for a great price .
We have never had any drama and bought up 2 kids in the area .
Granted some of the area needs updating but it is starting to happen now that Pam Parker is no longer mayor, thank God for that .
So all in all , it is a great area for first home buyers to buy into and we are smack bang in the middle of everything here and with everything right at the front door .
There is always a bad element that lives in EVERY suburb , but the area is full of hard working families and great retirement villages here .
I give it a thumbs up .
The hidden Gem of the south East

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