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"You won't consider anywhere else once you've lived here."

At point of writing this review, Mullaloo is ranked 28th in Greater Perth. That is a sheer understatement. Mullaloo is easily one of the safest suburbs in WA, ranking up in the top 5 places to live in metropolitan Perth. You can have your late evening walk anywhere here and know you'll come home in one piece! Safety was our number one priority when we were shopping for a home. Just check the stats at www.police.wa.gov.au/Crime/Crime-Statistics-Portal

There is just one property listed as public housing here, so make your own conclusions.

The suburb is "split" in two, thanks to the road that is Dampier Avenue. It goes without saying that properties to the left of Dampier Avenue, like ours, are of course worth more moolah.

We bought our first home here and it looks like we'll be staying here till the end of our lives. It's just that good. If we bought another property it would be Mullaloo again. This suburb needs to be seen to be believed.

Our magnificent Tom Simpson Park just had a great makeover; beach (pristine fine, white sand - absolutely no rocks) is just five minutes' walk from home, shops just around the corner. We have 2 large shopping centres in the form of Westfield Whitfords (3 minutes' drive) and Lakeside Joondalup (10 minutes' drive). Hillarys Boat Harbour where I fish most times, is just 7 minutes away. Ocean Reef Boat Harbour is a 4 minute drive and once the marina is redeveloped will make us truly spoilt for choice.

Temperatures here in summer are 7-15 degrees cooler than the city. On a 40 degree day, a reading of 25-30 degrees in Mullaloo isn't unusual. Just check www.bom.gov.au/places/wa/hillarys/observations/

Neighbours along our street are nothing but smiles all day. Always so helpful, modest and humble.

Large, aged trees adorn the suburb's undulating terrain. Quiet is as quiet can be; you could hear a pin drop anytime during the day. ADSL2+ and cable is available all through. Whitfords Medical Centre is just 3 minutes away and Craigie Medical Centre only 5. Cheapest metropolitan petrol prices can be had in several places if you know where to look, for e.g. Caltex Whitfords.

Train takes just 17 minutes to the city. Driving 20-25 minutes. Peak hours 35 minutes if you drive the way I do. Why live anywhere near the hot, polluted and congested CBD?

In a nutshell, everything that one needs is within reach - just check Google Maps and you'll find all the stores you need within a radius of 5-10km!

Mullaloo isn't for everyone though. Bogans (cashed up or otherwise) should stay away. Only classy, considerate, educated and privileged people need apply. Tell people you live in Mullaloo and eyes will go grassy green with envy.

Yes, we can have our cake here, and eat it!

Great for

  • Close to everything
  • 30 seconds to the beach
  • 15 minutes to the city
  • Family friendly
  • Bars, Restuarnts and Clubs
  • Shark occurrences during summer which proves it's even favourited by wildlife!

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • Trendy & Stylish
  • Beach Lovers
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