Lorraine Richmond

Lorraine Richmond

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22nd August 2021

"Safe, clean and friendly."

We lived in Bridgetown many years ago and have recently moved back. It has changed somewhat (especially the new estates) in the last 20 years and not all of the changes have been for the better. Still have those big double logging trucks crawling down the main street. It is however quiet and clean and pretty. Wood smoke can be an issue on cold winter mornings when the fog lays in the valley. Majority of locals are friendly, there is plenty to do if you want and the feeling of community is good. We have a decent sport centre but only an outdoor pool. House prices are good compared with much of WA but are starting to go up so get in quick if you want to. Rentals are hard to find, and job opportunities are limited. A new health centre has just opened up though I have had good service from current GP and hospital. If you want work done, be prepared to wait, things move on Bridgetown time here. For a big supermarket (Coles/Woolies) you will need to drive to Manjimup (25-30 mins) but we do have a decent IGA for day to day goods, and a good bakery as well as other speciality shops.

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