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"Industrial and commercial precinct."

In my youth, Wangara was a small section of a few main streets (albeit long ones!) that housed many commercial enterprises. If you lived anywhere north of the river you could head to Wangara for your cars, kitchens or steel work needs. There was also the Wanneroo Markets and a few furniture stores and other well placed stores selling whitegoods and the like. Jumping forward a decade and there are now virtually no market gardens, plant nurseries or other hobby type farms along Gnangara Rd. They have been turned into more of Wangara's extensive commercial sector. I have to say that when all these buildings popped up I couldn't imagine how many more we needed in the area - I mean how many types of businesses could they be filled with. I was, of course, mistaken - they have been filled to the brim with every type of offering and every service. This area has exploded in recent years and there is not really any other way to describe it!

Great for

  • If you can't find what you want here it probably isn't available!

Not great for

  • More industry and commerce taking over open space.
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