Moving to Geelong - Wandana Heights? Yes or no...

We are moving to Geelong soon and trying to decide which suburb to live in. We are a professional couple with two young children. We have been excluding newer areas such as Wandana Heights as we thought it could be too noisy with the M1 so close. We also love going for walks to cafes and it doesnt seem like the best area for that lifestyle. Please try and convince us otherwise! There are some lovely properties in Wandana Heights and it would be good to include it in our search.
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Hi Geelong20, please don't let the close proximity to the highway persuade you - it's actually a really quiet area and incredibly family friendly. You'll find a majority of properties there are owner occupy (over 86%)! It's a very tightly held area so it you can get in, it would be worth it. I'm not sure if you're looking at renting or buying, but the suburb growth has increased 21% over the last 12 months - that's HUGE in Geelong. That's definitely reflected in the rental prices too as they've increased quite a bit too. It mightn't have the cafes and shopping strips you're after, but Highton village is just a hop, skip and jump and that has some lovely local produce. You're also very close to the Barwon River and local reserves which is a beautiful spot for a walk. Hope that helps :)

Sophie Kennedy-Rush - Property Manager Geelong

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