What are the 'bad' parts of White Rock?

My husband and I, with our young son, are moving to Cairns soon and am looking at a rental in White Rock. My sister and cousin are warning me off White Rock but the property we look at is, we think, good value for the price, has a lot of space and the neighbours look like they take care of their properties. I suppose I just want to feel safe at night when my husband goes away on business trips. Any thoughts? Fyi, I grew up in a 'dodgy' suburb of Darwin so I know what it is like to live in a stereotyped suburb...but having said that we were never broken into and the area seemed pretty family friendly.
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Hi there,
To answer your question above:
White rock is a lovely area close to schools shops and only a short distance to the city. Yes there are some bad parts but several streets are great. We have lived here for 11 years after moving from sydney's east. We have lived and bought in two streets. similar scenario to yourself moving interstate and renting in an area others warned us off from. In 11 years we have never had any problems and find it green peaceful convenient and have met some lovely people.
As for the break in's I think white rock had the least break ins in cairns last year, maybe something to do with most households having dogs. We love white rock and everyone who visits generally say's wow we didnt know this part of white rock existed. What street are you looking at. Some older parts are rough n probably a bit dodgy some also have sandflies these are generally the end closest the city.
What street are you considering.


I just wanted to say a belated thank you for providing an answer to my question. Well we moved to Cairns in mid Feb and are renting in White Rock. Some almost five months and we have not regretted our decision. The open and extra space is a massive positive - we certainly didn't want to move from inner Melbourne to a housing development in Cairns where you feel like you have no privacy from neighbours or sunlight hitting your back yard. We also get a really lovely breeze and yay no sandflies. We love the young family vibe of the place but are also really lucky to live next door to a lovely lady in her senior years.0 A downside to the suburb is it's lack of bike paths etc that you see in other suburbs and some nights we can hear the speedway from nearby Edmonton but it's not that bad. I have not felt unsafe in this suburb and while my sister and cousin were looking out for us, I think they were way off the mark - at least for where we live. My husband and I are actually strongly considering buying in White Rock in the near future.

I have never lived in white rock. Not all but most people dont recommend to live in white rock. Specially while purchasing property. On the contarary there are bad parts in cairns overall. Could you please tell me which street is comparatively not liveable. I m curious to buy property in white rock. Easy access to city, compratively affordable house price, nothing cud be great than that. I have frens who live in white rock but they never have break in dramas. Still would you be able to recommend few streets where bad things dont happen in regular basis. I m looking to buy property where good locals, peroressionals live. Please.

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Hello Tropicalliving, You must be near the wallaby's which has large blocks around there. Should be ok around there. Make sure you have a good look around cairns before buying as cairns fairly spread out. Best to look at an area and a house that would be easier to sell. My advice is to not rent in white rock, there is currently a lot of break and enters in that suburb and also there is way better areas to rent at a similar cost


Hi Marlin. I just wanted to say a belated thank your for providing an answer to my question. We ended up moving to Cairns and renting in White Rock in mid Feb. As a result of your advice I was more scrupulous with picking our rental location. We ended up renting in the part of White Rock closer to Edmonton and have not regretted our decision. Having said that, I don't have an opinion on other parts of White Rock as I don't have any experience living there or know anyone who does.

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I wouldn’t recommend rafferty street. Looked very seedy.
We lived at white rock for six months. In picnic street though. Lovely neighbours and no issues at all.
Some parts of white rock felt really unsafe. Others were fine. It’s a great location because of mount Sheridan shopping centre and highway into city.
I probably wouldn’t live there again though.

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Hi, I know this is an old post, but can anyone advise me if Rafferty street in White rock is unsafe / risky? Looking at 13a to rent.

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Did you ever find out about Rafferty St? I'm also looking at renting there... I''ve never lived that side of town so I am completely in the dark.

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