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"Family-oriented, safe and tranquil, with every community resource"

Hawkesbury Heights is one of the Blue Mountains' better-kept secrets, since it is a few kilometres past Winmalee, and really only consists of two "ridge" roads that run off Hawkesbury Road which is the main artery between Springwood and Richmond.
In addition to being adjacent to the enormous National Park with bushland walks and abundant birdlife, a very attractive feature is the lookout over the Nepean Valley, with views to Sydney CBD (if you have telephoto vision!) but the NYE fireworks can be clearly seen from this point. At night there are even stars in the sky that are invisible closer to Sydney.
This is very much a place to raise a family, with excellent schools and school buses provided, but it's location between Springwood and Richmond means there is employment at major establishments (eg. RAAF Richmond, area high schools etc) for mature couples and singles seeking a quiet, safe place to retreat.
The traffic is mainly comprised of vehicles of residents of Roberts and Booker Roads, and there are very few "hoons" driving dangerously on these streets.
Noise from barking dogs certainly occurs, but is no more evident than in the best suburbs, and at times there will be loud music from a party or budding garage band, but this is not generally a problem.
In short, Hawkesbury Heights is an excellent place to live, and the general standard of housing stock is high but noticeably cheaper that other areas in the Lower Blue Mountains. In this sense it is a very good option for first-home buyers with children up to school age.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
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