Is Albury a good place to live?

I currently live in Sydney with my mother. It's way too expensive! I've had my eye on Albury for a bit (because it's close to a friend in Melbourne, but we have over a dozen cats so we have to stay in NSW)
Is it a good place to live in? It's too far to travel to inspect at this current moment, but I will do that in the future.
Where are the best places to live? Nice surrounding suburbs? What are some suburbs to avoid moving to (and why)?

I've seen people saying to avoid Lavington but I haven't seen a single explanation. Please leave a reason for judgement, it would really help! Just a nice house for two near a high school and a supermarket is all I'm looking for.
Looking to rent for under $400 p/w but I just don't know enough about the area. Please and thank you!
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