JOBS! we cant find employment! We so want to move there. What are we doing wrong?

Thank you to all the locals, your info here is great! We are a 40-something professional couple seeking a regional change from the tiresome hellbent restless and rammed-full Sydney city -we are so over it. Thing we are struggling with is finding work before we come. We are not qualified nurses, nor HGV drivers or forklift drivers, nor have we ever worked in agriculture -and despite everyone in the regional areas saying they are crying out for employees we cannot find anything. We have wide transferable skills from 20+ years in professional corporate roles but finding anything that we can be considered for is proving impossible. We want to come and be part of the vibrant community there but we need to earn and we just cant get out! We are open to doing anything but have found most jobs advertised on line for regional areas are seeeking fully qualified health workers or agri professionals or tradies. We are none of these. Any tips?
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Hello there
I have just moved to Albury and having the same issue. Did you find employment? I'm not sure how long ago this was posted.

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Hi @anneb13,
Not knowing how old this questions is, or whether you're still in Sydney or have moved already...
Have you spoken to one of the local recruitment agencies? They handle a lot of broad corporate skills. Albury businesses can be quite conservative when hiring, looking for 'exact matches' in previous experiences.
If you're already living locally, the best thing you can do is just start to meet people socially, network, and let it be known that you are looking for work, and you'll slide in somewhere.
If you haven't moved here yet, you'll need to make sure that in your cover letter to any job that you demonstrate / tell your story as to why you're looking for a tree change, what you're looking forward to about Albury, and why you'd like to work for the company you're applying for. They like that personal connection, that commitment to goals of the business or organisation.

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