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My family and I are thinking of moving to Albury from Tasmanian. I thought I'd ask here about what job prospects are like there, also about the weather and lifestyle? Thanks in advance.
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Hot in summer, Cold in winter. Full seasons. Summer heat is dry, 33-38 degrees for most of Jan - March and sometimes doesn't drop down overnight below mid 20's, but we go jump in the river when those really hot day strike! Winter days are sunny and mild, but temps can drop down to -1 or -2 on the coldest overnights. (Not too bad really)

Depends on your industry. Specialist professional work can be intermittent, whereas chefs and other trades are in demand. Quite a few manufacturing type businesses here, and lots of hospitality, healthcare and retail. Local government is a big employer, so check AlburyCity & Wodonga Council websites for jobs also.

Summer: Camping, swimming in river, lots of markets and festivals in Alb/Wodonga region. Lots of BBQ's, pool parties, picnics, boating on Lake Hume. Autumn is divine, weekend sports start up and people tend to hit the wine regions or bike trails as the weather starts to cool down. Winter is tied up with weekend brunch, sports (hockey, football, soccer, netball, tennis are popular), skiing and snow play, and bonfires. Spring starts to see more garden/BBQ's, bike riding, boating, and camping start up again.

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