Safe areas to rent between Geelong/Barwon Heads/Torquay for a young family. Up to $450 week.

Best area for a young family with 2 children between Geelong/Barwon Heads/Torquay region. Needs to be safe area as hubby travels a little for work so sometimes away. Good areas with daycares and pre kinder suitable for 2 children under 4. Young family community would be ideal close to parks and kid friendly activities. Coastal suburb close to beach again ideal but not necessary. Found a few in Ocean Grove/Barwon Heads but not sure if there are areas to avoid in these suburbs. I think Torquay is beautiful but we would get better value for money while saving for a house getting something in Barwon/Ocean Grove. Plan is to move to the area and rent for a few years, then suss out where we want to buy. Open to suggestions. Looking to get something between $350-450 week. Thanks in advance!
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