Cassinia Road, Templestowe Lower, VIC 3107

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"Cassinia Road Rocks!"

Picture Wisteria Lane and that is what you see when you arrive in Cassinia Road. People are amazed at the country feel as you wake to hear the local birds chirping, however it is only a short trip down the Eastern Freeway to the city. The homes are all a great size for couples and families. It is quiet, clean and everyone in the street is very friendly. It is close to buses, schools, numerous parks, Doncaster Shoppingtown, Aquarena Leisure Centre and lots of local haunts for brunch, lunch, dinner and late night drinks.

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How can the nightlife be 4 out of 5? I live in the area, and the local Safeway is the only thing open past 10pm.


maybe, mhunter means that you can get your late night drinks at the safeway bottleshop.


mhunter, you said that the street is like 'Wisteria Lane' (ala Desperate Housewives, tv show) and that 'everyone in the street is very friendly'. Do you and the neighbours actually do things together? eg. street parties or hang out, etc? Or is it that the people are just friendly, but still keep to themselves.


I thought there were murders and whatnot in Wisteria Lane (I don't watch the show I'm just going by the ads on TV)...

Looks like you've got a street in the top 5 in Australia! Congrats!

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