Fauntleroy Avenue, Ascot, WA 6104

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  • Childcare
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  • Parks and recreation
  • Peace and quiet
  • Resale or rental value

Not great for

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Reviews of Fauntleroy Avenue, Ascot

"Winding down to the river!"

Fauntleroy Ave is one of those surprise streets that you didn't really know was there. It is a little bit hidden and a little bit mysterious the first time you drive down it - which I did many years ago. But, it still has that effect on me, perhaps because I wish I lived there in one of the huge houses complete with massive frontage and the river access at any time. You enter off Great Eastern Hwy and at first wnader past the houses on the edge of the Tibradden Estate, but as you go further it becomes clear that there is more to the lifestyle of this road. There are a few older houses that look a bit run down - they will be prime rela estate though. However, the real value is in the riverside properties and living in one would be a privilege. For me living among the birdlife would be a major drawcard and you can't get closer to nature than living 'almost' in a nature reserve as the Garvey Park area was rehabilitated in recent years so extends a little further. Those of us who can't afford to live here merely drive past on the way to Garvey Park to walk the dog, the children or ourselves! The whole area is a great place to visit and you can walk along the river back towards the city. Of course, there is the kayak club as well, so much of the traffic is those who are seeking their own version of a water fix and excerise on the water. I regularly meet people who have just spent the morning or afternoon 'relaxing' on a ten mile journey back from the city side of the river. It is quite inspiring!

Great for

  • Secluded feeling of being with nature.
  • Fantastic birdlife.
  • Exclusive houses.

Not great for

  • VIsitors to Garvey Park driving past the houses.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Country Lovers
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