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"Location of the abandoned Ascot Water Playground - a Perth Icon!"

Many a summer's day was spent at the Ascot Water Playground in earlier decades by the children of Perth. It wasn't Adventure World by any means, but it was wet and wonderful in the Perth heat. Parents would watch as children ran around enjoying the various pools and paddling areas. The old concrete pools are still there and the long grass is reclaiming the area after many years. It would be considered unsafe now - no parent would let their child near the place - it was different not so long ago. But, moving on, Mathieson Rd runs from the edge of the Race Course parking area near Resolution Dr, all the way through to near Tonkin Hwy. It does intersect with a number of other streets heading down towards the river, but there are only two traffic islands along the way, so I am not sure what all the talk of roundabouts is in the above post. It is actually quite a clean street to drive along and the houses look quite tidy and well kept. There are some streets in Ascot where there are multiple islands and attempts to slow traffic, but not this one. People use this street to get where they need to be in the area and this includes horse activity and there may be some traffic reflecting this, but it is not too busy. The street is a mix of old and new properties, but most are kept nicely. This is not an area that is easy to buy into, so many are long term residents associated with the racing sector.

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  • River access!

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"street design are bad"

It is urgly and unstractured road. Too many roundabout and traffic island.


that's because it's a horse area. the roundabouts and traffic islands are in place to slow traffic.

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