Gannet Street, Werribee, VIC 3030

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Reviews of Gannet Street, Werribee

"Great neighbours in a bad area!"

I lived in Gannet Street for 24 years and I can say it was a very good street. Gannet Street is amongst the infamous bad area of "Birdsville" however it is right on the outskirts. This street once like the whole estate consisted of mostly housing commission homes which caused the whole area to be very dangerous and rough!

There is only 1 home left in this street which is tenanted through Housing commission and they are characters, however there have been no bad or big incidents from this. Also take into consideration that as of May 2010 the Housing commission will have sold out near all their homes throughout this estate! Yes you read right lol.

I personally love this street and the people in it. (Along with Quail Crt.) There are basically just elderly living in this street now which is a bonus if you like peace.
It will also make for a great investment as I personally believe this entire estate will be worth big money in the years to come as its the most central estate to EVERYTHING! i.e police station, Werribee Plaza, Werribee central, Werribee Mercy Hospital etc.

Who lives here?

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