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Reviews of Grandview Parade, Gorokan

"All about "Grandview Gardens" (1-3 Grandview Pde)"

Grandview Parade is a nice street that looks a lot like a country town. Most homes (with a few exceptions) seem to be either owned or rented to good tenants. Of the non-lakeside streets in Gorokan, this is one of the better options.
'Grandview Gardens' was built in 2006 and has its good points, but the negative aspects are not immediately recognisable to a visitor so I've written these comments to help guide prospective tenants.

Rents are highly variable between units, and have little connection to the value of the units relative to each other. Best to 'do your homework'.

There are 11 units. Units 1-7 are smaller downstairs units with small yards, while Units 8-11 are upstairs units (not really 'villas'). Upstairs units have an electric chair-lift for the stairs, but only one of the two works - meaning that Unit's 8 & 9 aren't and have never been accessible to wheelchairs the mobility-impaired. Downstairs units are fully wheelchair-accessible, except for yards (where applicable). Floors are tiled throughout. Some units have carpet in bedrooms and some have tiles. Tiles on stairs and balconies of upstairs units are slippery and dangerous when wet.

This has traditionally been a very quiet complex occupied by quiet, over-55s or disabled people who know each other on a first-name basis and get along quite well. (The complex is required by law to be available to seniors (55+) and disabled only.) As you would expect in a seniors/disabled community, there is no loud noise/music to worry about.

The upstairs units are significantly larger than the downstairs units (hence usually have higher rents) and have a floor area closer to that of a 3-bedroom home. They have no yards (only downstairs units have yards), but upstairs units have 2 balconies. All the upstairs balconies unfortunately face other balconies and so there is a certain loss of privacy as a result.

The units all face inwards to the central driveway, so the high visibility of the common area makes security good.

Security is also provided by an electric remote-controlled gate to the complex.

Some design/building issues:
- Unlike strata-titled units (the by-laws for which require upstairs units to be fully carpeted), all the upstairs units here have tile floors on what seems to be a particle-board timber-framed base, so the problem of noise into the lower units is an issue that calls for good communication and co-operation between upstairs/downstairs neighbours.
- The south-side units 6,7,10 and 11 (especially upstairs) get a lot of traffic noise from Wallarah Rd (which is only one house across to the south), but the upstairs units do get the benefit of nice afternoon sea breezes in Summer.
- The units have a small split-system reverse cycle (some are inverter-type) air conditioner in the living room, however the upstairs units have 'cathedral' ceilings, so heating in Winter can be expensive and difficult. The air conditioners can be very noisy inside: upon inspection you should check the A/C and be sure you're comfortable with the noise level.
- The complex is not very well built and, although it doesn't appear so at first inspection, there are a lot of flaws and so maintenance problems constantly arise, which in the past have sometimes gone un-addressed for long periods. Based on history, would-be residents should expect continuing difficulties in this regard.
- The layout and large brick/concrete edifices of the complex cause reflection of noises from the inside and outside of the complex, sometimes leading to confusion about their origin. The gardens and trees, however, go some way at least to reducing this effect.
- There is only 1 visitor parking space inside the complex. Parking on the street is usually ample, as the opposite side of the street has no house frontages.
- All units have garages, and they are wider than standard to comply with disabled-access regulations. Only some units (6-11) have a parking space in front of the garage.
- Garages have remote-controlled roller doors.
- There hasn't been a burglary in the complex: the layout, the lights, the gate and good relations between neighbours seem to work well in that regard.
- A lot of the units have had plumbing/water-seepage/damp problems and so prospective tenants should check carefully for any signs of this and ensure rectification is a *written* condition of the lease.
- TV reception is good, with digital aerials and amplifiers built-in.
- Several units have Foxtel already installed
- NBN (FTTN) speeds are good. The maximum speed capable is 57mbps (iiNet), so an NBN plan up to 50mbps is a safe option.
- Mobile phone reception is good on Telstra and Optus networks (with towers nearby at Kanwal and Gorokan shops); Vodafone was once a problem, so best to check that one.
- TV aerial sockets are in the lounge and both bedrooms, but power points are lacking or badly placed throughout. You may or may not have a verandah light (or it may be placed inside the front door instead of outside), depending on which way up they were holding the plans when they built the place.
- Electricity meters are 'Smart' meters with time-of-day billing. Beware.

It is helpful for prospective residents to be aware that this complex is a mini-community with special circumstances and, if inspecting, should feel free to talk to the neighbours and get a feel for the people and the place and whether it feels 'right' for you. It's not a place for everyone but, for those who can adapt to the challenges of higher-density living (in a less-than-perfectly designed place), it could be just fine.

[Up-to-date as of September 2020]

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