Impending move to Queensland, seeking advice please.

Hi we're 6-12 months away from moving to either Treed Heads, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Brisbane and as far north as the Sunshine Coast, so any and all information is very much appreciated.
I Know that covers a Huge area, but please stick with me, I'm here to learn.

Currently we're living in SA, and we're coming up in May to begin the process of checking out the above areas to see what suits us and what doesn't, as the Net fails to give you a 'feel' of a place. We're a married professional couple in our late 50's now with the kids off our hands, and we're chasing lifestyle, coupled to more temperate weather than what we're used to. We're a friendly couple and looking to meet and find new friendships (No, Not 'those' type of friendships lol). We've been literally scouring the app for the last 18 months, and I never thought it would be me, but the gated communities and some of the property we've loved have left us with piqued interest.

To be honest, the idea of living somewhere where we don't have to worry about numpties or hoons or graffiti and that we know our neighbours children (or our grandchildren IF it Ever Happens) will be safe. Has definite appeal, I've also noted a lot of the communities around Sanctuary Cove or Hope Island have generous blocks, so you don't have to be living shoulder to shoulder with people, which is Great, as privacy is a factor. Also the idea of living on the water sounds pretty cool, I've never had a boat, but taking up fishing, boating or skiing is something of interest to us. So all looks Good and it's a Big tick so far, but can folk please comment on ..........
Are these places purely for the domain of golfers? (I'm not and don't aspire to be, my thing is pushing weight, gym work and some cycling) or is it a mix of folk who reside within?
Does Canal/waterway living mean that come dusk you're inundated by mosquitos and have to retreat indoors?

To explain our other choices (and from what we believe), Burleigh Heads, and Tweed Heads have good beaches and the lifestyle is chilled and relaxed. The Gold Coast has great beaches but is more frantic and has undesirable elements to it as well re drugs/crime etc. Brisbane appeals due to it's proximity to theatres, entertainment, clubs, dining, shopping etc. The Sunshine Coast has appeal because of what we've heard of the gorgeous beaches and the idea of hour long walks along a foreshore does have appeal. The negative with some of what I've seen with the Sunshine Coast is X amount of the communities seem isolated and in the middle of nowhere. By the way, please don't be insulted by any I've written as I may be wrong and am more than happy to be corrected.

So what do we need or want?
. Within an hour of a major airport.
. Reasonable shopping close and major shopping under 30 mins away.
. Great local medical facilities, with major Hospital under 30 mins away.
. Entertainment, theatres, clubs, movies, restaurants under 30 mins away.
. Great beaches under 30 minutes away.
. Land size 800 - 2000 sq mtrs
. Don't mind if we purchase a home or build on a block.

I believe a lot of Southerners moving up fall into an array of traps for the unwary, so please feel free to try and clue me in lol.
If you've got this far, I thank you for your patience and as stated previously, we'd be appreciative of all help.
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Hi Trevor,
Thanks for your inquiry.
Two years ago I went through the same process after selling my business and moving from North Brisbane to the Gold Coast. I have two girls, one in Brisbane and one in Canberra so there is just my wife and I, so a similar situation.

We first looked at Hope Island as we liked the area and my wife liked gated communities for security reasons. As you say there are good sized blocks and there is a feeling of space.

The gated communities are either built around the golf course or the canals, depending on what your interest is. The waterfront properties are a lot more expensive however.

There is an over all Body Corporate for Hope Island that runs the facilities and every one pays into that. There are swimming pools, roads, parks and other facilities that people in these complexes can use. This also covers on site security and quick response medical emergency. The place is designed to travel around by golf buggy, not necessarily for golf but as a means of Transport. There is a small shopping centre at Hope Island which has a Supermarket, a number of Restaurants and a Bar and Restaurant all built around the Mariner. Nearby you have Sanctuary Cove which has a nice village with clothing shops, bars and restaurants and a small movie theatre.

The Body Corporate for houses is around the $90 per week mark, with the apartment complexes this is on top of their own Body Corporate charges.

Hope Island has most of the land left for redevelopment on the north side of the Gold Coast
and is currently at the start of a lot of building and development. Most of these developments
have smaller blocks although there are still a few house blocks left.

Hope Island is close to the motorway to Brisbane and it would take you 35 - 40 minutes to get into town and another 10 minutes to get to Brisbane airport.

It is about 15 minutes to get to the brand new state of the art Gold Coast Hospital which has
recently been completed and is attached to Griffiths university.

The nearest surf beaches are at Surfers which is around 25 minutes away, if you go by boat you can go to South Stradbroke Island which would take you around 20 minutes or so, itsbeaches are patrolled during summer.

It takes around 10 minutes to get to Harbourtown which is a shopping centre which has a large collection of factory outlet stores plus a good sized cinema with around 16 separate theatres.

It would take you about the same time to get to Runaway Bay Village which is a large shopping centre.

For theatres and shows, you can go to Brisbane or at the Gold Coast you have the Arts Centre
which does have some shows and plays. At the Casino which is about half an hour away, you
get international acts at reasonable prices.

Things I haven't covered are:

yes you do get insects from the canal at night it depends where you are though.

Things to look out for are some areas near the river are subject to flooding, so ask the question.

We purchased an apartment in Runaway Bay and love it, so don't discount the Paradise Point,
Runaway Bay area although this is not based so much on gated communities. Our friends purchased at Hope Island and find it a little bit isolated at times but it depends on your life style.

If I can help further, please contact me.


Greg Johnson
Ray White Paradise Point


Greg, thanks so much for your detailed response, that's Really Very helpful, and appreciated. We'll be in touch.


Hi there did you move? How are things working out for you?

I'd also love to know,as we are looking at those areas too. :)

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I would recommend looking at a few facebook pages, such as & & definitely All have great information available & resources. The worse insects are at Riverdowns & Sanctuary Cove that I've experienced. Currently at Paradise Point and don't get any thing like I have experienced in the past.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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