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Reviews of Legon Street, Port Melbourne

"Legon Street...What a pain in the butt"

Legon Street in Port Melbourne is a small lane-way that to be perfectly honest is a real pain in the ass to navigate down. It is extremely narrow and is made of cobble stones instead of smooth concrete, and ALL the stones are uneven and is extremely bumpy. I would not be surprised is some of the houses are tear downs either.

I would not recommend living here at all, as the narrowness and poor quality of the street outweight any benefit of living close to the beach etc.


Wow! Such a tough review for a generally good area. Surely there are other things that are good about the area? What if you don't have a car and don't have to worry about driving down the narrow lane?


I love Port Melbourne, and I guess that's why I'm being so harsh on Legon Street. When looking at all the other streets in the area, it really does stand out as being poorly maintained, hard to navigate, and as I mentioned... a real pain in the butt!!!

The houses generally don't look nice either COMPARED to others in the area.

Sure the location is nice, but I guess when comparing it to other streets in Port Melbourne, this one really disappoints. I suppose comparing this street to one in Richmond, I might be nicer because the location would better in Legon Street, but overall, there are much much better places to live in Port Melbourne, that are well maintained.

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