Anyone currently have children at a fab secondary school in or near mount Eliza?

We are thinking of moving from NSW and looking at this beautiful area.
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I have noticed quite a few NSW number plates appearing in the local area as of late. So you definitely aren't alone. Mount Eliza really is a great pocket of the Mornington Peninsula. Not only this, but it is becoming increasingly desirable for investment given its strong property price growth rate. Mt Eliza's exclusive Golden Mile and Ranelagh Estate are truly a one of a kind. The suburb combines prestige with bayside living at its finest. The suburb is also very family friendly and is home to some very expensive mansions with quality designs. Being in a holiday destination is also very enjoyable with a doable commute if need be. Mt Eliza is home to some of the best schools not only on the Mornington Peninsula, but also in Melbourne. The most notable schools include Toorak College and Peninsula Grammar which are both ranked in Melbourne's top 50 schools for student performance and has consistently performed to this level for the past 7 years. These schools are also very grand with modern facilities. In fact, Toorak College is developing a brand new state of the art Science and Technology Centre due for completion in early 2019. Toorak College's primary school was also ranked as 25th top primary school in Melbourne for 2017.

Mt Eliza is without a doubt the education suburb of the Mornington Peninsula. Mt Eliza also had a Melbourne University Business School campus as well. There are a large variety of schools surrounding the suburb in nearby Mornington, Mt Martha and Frankston South. For example, Balcombe Grammar School is another noteworthy school in Mt Martha which was only established in 2007 and has modern classrooms/facilities throughout. Alternatively, Padua College is also essentially in Mt Eliza given it is on the border. Padua College has undergone recent renovations and is building all new facilities worth $2million for their major expansion in 2019. Padua College also has 2 other campuses across the Mornington Peninsula. Lastly, Woodleigh may be another option and also has a variety of campuses.

Otherwise, if you are only looking for primary schools you may consider from preference 1. Mt Eliza Primary School 2. St Thomas More Primary School 3. Kunyung Primary School 4. Mount Eliza North Primary School. Outside of Mt Eliza, 2 other reputable primary schools include Mornington Primary School and Mt Martha Primary School. The government is heavily investing in schools in the Mornington Peninsula with Mornington Primary School recently undergoing a $200,000 development. Mt Eliza Primary School has also been granted a significant $3million to develop a new building to be built in early 2019.

Mt Eliza is also gaining a lot of new child care centres given the growing younger demographic. For example, a newly built $650,000 kindergarten called Woodlands kindergarten has been established in St Thomas More Primary School. There is also another contemporary two-storey kindergarten being built at 1408 Nepean Highway Mt Eliza, which will take advantage of the existing cafe on the site. It may even get a view of the bay and city skyline! Other local child care centres are also very popular. I have heard great things about all of the above schools and it is clear these schools are continually striving to create the best schools in the area. I hope this helps you.

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