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4th December 2020

"Western end already good, eastern end being re-developed"

There is the leafy major part of Oakover Road, which is to the west of St Georges Road. It is where almost all Oakover Road homes are. At the end is the Merri Creek nature area. This part of Oakover Road is blessed with 3 playgrounds and parks, all within a comfortable walk of each other. Near the middle of this area is the Gilbert Road and Miller Street intersection which has a hip, vibrant group of cafes, shops and boutique businesses. The area has been attracting many young families in recent years and continues to do so. They are drawn to the space and then stay because of the friendly community. The homes are mostly a mix of Californian bungalows, Art Deco and similar period style homes, some beautifully renovated and others ripe for renovation.

The shorter section of Oakover Road to the east of St Georges Road has the Yarra Trams depot and similar industrial infrastructure as well as a train crossing. However the Victorian government recently announced funding to rejuvenate this area. The current train level crossing will be replaced by the start of a two kilometre rail bridge between Oakover and Murray Roads, linking new Bell and Preston stations. This will deliver new open space underneath the rail bridge which will be turned into parkland.A shared walking and cycling path from Oakover Road through to Murray Road will connect locals to the new stations and open spaces. More information can be found via: https://levelcrossings.vic.gov.au/projects/bell-street-preston

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