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Hello, i am thinking to buy and build a duplex in Orchard Grove Road in Orange. Can please any one tell me if it's a place safe to live at as most of the builders I spoke with said it was not a good are and house commision all over that place? We are young couple with 2 lovely kids willing to move there and also would like to know about finding job as i am security officer working for hospitals. Thanks !!
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Sorry could you please disclose what information has been given to you regarding safety in this area & by what agent ?

Those blocks of land in Orchard Grove rd, have been on the market for over 20 years! Back then young families purchasing this land & building there first home were told by real estate agents & developers that the housing commission complex adjacent to Orchard Grove R was going to be completely demolished and developed into housing and those living there would be relocated to other towns & cities in NSW!

Of course this never actually occurred & was a huge porky (LIE) told by developers and real estate agents so they could sell this land off easily!

Of course It didn’t take long before those building ran into major issues with vandals, causing property damage sometimes in the 10’s of thousands of dollars!

When these homes were finally built, they became a regular target for thieves with Break & Enters, vehicle theft occurring regularly!

As a result development in this area ceased the remaining blocks have been on the market for many years! Basically if you build here you will lose money!

I can only recommend you drive to Orange and check out the street & surrounding neighbourhood yourself And you will understand what i mean!

In regards to work, there isn’t much, Restaurants, Shops & buisnesses are closing there doors at a ridiculous rate!

Orange is an expensive place that offers little in return! There is a lot of greed here!

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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