What is Orange like in 2015?
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What is Orange like in 2015?

I am looking for a new town to call home, and Orange, because it is a beautiful town that has enough to fulfill my personal and business need as well as having a colder climate, has always been high on my list of possibilities. However, I have also read a lot of very disturbing reports about the level of crime there, and last year, Orange was ranked in the top ten towns for having the highest crime rate in NSW. I find myself wondering if it is really that bad? I currently live in the Penrith area, and statistically speaking, this supposed high crime area only has half the same level of crime as Orange. Unfortunately, I have only a house buying budget of $200K, so I would be looking at the eastern side of town. I have friends in the area who have warned me away from Glenroi, and say that up around the showground area is also a problematic area. It would be really nice if I could have some current feedback since the last post is a couple of years old now.
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