Hello, My name is Ross Felton,

i will be moving there late January, Please tell me about the Island and the people i have read so many bad things on here, swarms of midgies and Mozzies and drugies and Theives and ferials. I'm a single guy going to rent a House for myself, I have been renting in one place for 18 yrs so i am looking for a house that is Secure with lock up garages 2 cars and secure house in Good area . I am a Computer Tech so i can offer a service for many. Getting away from the Gold coast for some peace. Hopfully make some nice friends. How do you get Internet ( adsl ) into houses Not sure how i would get answers from here so, ??
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fringedweller Nov 28, 2017
Hi Ross, welcome to the forum. There are mozzies and midgees on all the Bay Islands. It is the same as anywhere else on the coast in a subtropical climate. I have lived places where they have been worse and dint find them much of a problem here in Russell.
The people here are fine and we have many friends and find the social scene excellent. There probably are druggies here, I have never seen them and the local cops do a great job. Petty theft happens but no worse than anywhere else. The theft of big things, like cars, boats etc is almost non existent as there us only one way off, the barges. There are plenty of rentals available right now between $250 and $300 for something pretty good. Russell Island Real Estate have the largest number of rental houses so probably best to speak to them first up. We have lived here for several years and really like it. Nice peaceful lifestyle, good people, great fishing and crabbing, what else is there?
All the best with moving, FD
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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