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Russell Island

"Retirement heaven"

We moved here four years or so ago. Peace and quiet, sheltered waterways, great fishing, and I mean great. Have met some great new friends and joined a really good sporting club. All this rubbish about people seeing ice addicts, drug pushers, hoons, drunks evrywhere they turn, what a load of complete BS. Either they are in with a mob of losers or they are a part of the problem. We have not had a single issue since moving here and I feel safer here than anywhere I have ever lived. The cops here do a great job keeping the dross at manageable levels and moving on misfits when they need to. There are a few mozzies and midges in warmer months, shock, horror! This is coastal Australia after all. I see some people mentioning domestic disputes, yep, they happen here, nowhere else in the country has them of course, they are purely a Russell Island phenomenon. Overall, a great, peaceful place that doesnt experience the temperature extremes of Brisbane and really is an undiscovered paradise.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids

Hey my name is Ross, i am intending to move there late January, love the idea of movin there just don't like the cost of the Car Ferries.
Is there a Pub or club , do people there socialize with each other ??
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Hi rossf1, hope you made it over here. No pub on Russell, there is a bottle shop though, but there are clubs, yes people socialise, as little or as much as you like. There is a pub on Macleay Is only a free trip away, about 10 - 15 mins via passenger ferry. I live on one of the other smaller islands as part of the SMBI's, we very rarely take our car off the island, most people tend to use the passenger ferries, with connecting buses the other end, at the new bus station, some carparking, many more needed but the council seems to be working on that problem (let's hope so). Taxis and Uber will come and pick you up also if you are in more of a hurry. If you are into fishing you will never be short of someone to join you, also cricket team, tennis courts, artistic pursuits. Good luck, come on over if you are still to do so


I heard there's heaps of midges and mozzies- that's more like shock,horror.


It is coastal Australia ivan! Take a stroll down Hedges Avenue on the Gold Coast (some of the countries most expensive coastal property) on dusk in summer. There are mozzies and midgees near the coast everywhere in this country. FD


i like your humor Fringe dweller;
I am looking at Russell Island in the next few months. I thought of renting before I purchase. Does it get cold? Like throw a long on the fire cold?
See you there,
Dr. Wendy


Hi Dr. Wendy, below off google. We have had a couple of colder mornings this month 7 degrees
Month High / Low(C)
July 22 / 94 days
August 23 / 93 days
September 25 / 134 days
October 27 / 156 days
It gets hot in summer, occasional day at 35/36 degrees, so fans or air con required. Netted enclosed areas for swimming on all the islands
Good luck


Hi Wendy, stupid system, got rid of my columns!! July 22 - 9, August 23 - 9, September 25 - 13 and October 27 - 15 degrees

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Meadstone Street

"Old fashioned feel with nice people."

Quiet street but still close to town and great soil for growing garden. Very peaceful and plenty of birdlife. Very few cars and not far to the boat ramp.

Great for

  • Quiet
  • Leafy
  • Fresh air

Not great for

  • Leaves blow around a lot.
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