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Russell Island

"Seachange & Treechange in one place"

So island life is not for everyone, like CBD high rise living is not for everyone.
Where else can you enjoy a Seachange & Treechange in one location with an affordable price tag and easy access to a capital city like Brisbane? Russell Island is unique and more people are starting to realize its unique charm.

Russell Island has a police station, IGA supermarket, butcher, post office, service station, Ambulance station (also with a dedicated ambulance ferry) bottle shop, veteranarian, a medical practice, pathologist, chemist, computer repair services, web-designers, hairdresser, bakery, newsagency, landscape/hire centre, Uber, Taxi, storage sheds, video hire, lawyer, library, two licensed clubs, large aquatic public pool, and four real estate offices.

The two licensed clubs, an RSL and the Russell Island Bowling Club, provide entertainment and bistro facilities most nights of the week.
A multi purpose community hall near the main wharf is available. The Bay Islands Community Centre on Jackson Rd is also a hub for community activities The Russell Island Community Resilience Centre includes sporting facilities, tennis and basketball courts, soccer field, emergency evacuation building and a community farm.

Landline access to North Stradbroke Island and SMBI is via a microwave link from the mainland to exchanges on the islands. The exchanges are located on Russell and Macleay Islands.
NBN fibre optic cable currently being laid all over Russell island as we speak January 14th 2020. FTTN and FTTC super fast internet being installed by NBN contractors and Visionstream contractors. Did u also know that Russell island is currently having a SECOND mobile phone tower installed at 23 Moreton Outlook Dr, Russell Island ? It is also currently being installed with the foundations already poured.
Should be finished and operational in the next few months.

There are eight waste transfer stations in the Redlands:

Mainland: Birkdale and Redland Bay
Islands: Coochiemudlo, Karragarra, Lamb, Macleay, North Stradbroke and Russell Island.

Redland City Council provides a waste and recycling collection service to all domestic premises on Russell Island.
General waste - weekly collection
Recycled waste - fortnightly collection

The water supply for SMBI is piped across from North Stradbroke Island to north eastern tip of Russell Island. The supply is then piped via Karragarra Island to Lamb Island and then onto Macleay Island. The mainland water supply is connected to the SEQ water grid and therefore the risk of the water supply failing is extremely low.

The electricity supply provided by Energex to the SMBI group and North Stradbroke Island comes via Russell Island. The supply originates on the mainland north of Cabbage Tree Point and crosses the Western Boating Channel, connecting to the southern end of Russell Island at Rocky Point, then continues north through the centre of Russell Island before branching off to service North Stradbroke Island and Karragarra Island.

This sequence of connections highlights the importance of Russell Island to the electricity supply for SMBI and North Stradbroke Island. A new substation has been built on Russell Island to assist in ensuring the power supply to Russell Island is more robust and with less power fluctuations.

(Source: https://www.redland.qld.gov.au/info/20152/parking_in_the_redlands/278/parking_at_weinam_creek )
In June 2018, Council confirmed its commitment to the rejuvenation of the Weinam Creek Transport Hub, announcing plans to develop the site to provide the community infrastructure that the area requires. Council's proposed master plan which will be delivered in stages, will transform the waterfront of Redland Bay, improve the usability of the transport hub, attract visitors, create jobs and drive economic development in the area.

The master plan will include:

More open space
New pedestrian and cycle ways
Rejuvenation of existing parkland
More car parks
Improved drop off and storage facilities for island residents and visitors
A new boat ramp to separate emergency and public access
A mix of residential and retail spaces including cafes, restaurants and potential for a medical precinct.

Find out more:

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids

Passenger Ferry Prices are great.

Adult Gocard $2.60 -$3.25
Concession Gocard $1.30 - $1.63


What a super informative post - thank you! One thing you did not mention.. what are the internet connections like on the island?


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Yep, Russell Island has the most commercial business industry and has the fastest infrastructure growth of all the islands. Currently there is huge NBN installation giving fibre optic connections to every house and a second mobile phone tower currently being constructed on the south of Russell Island in addition to existing mobile phone tower and exchange near the Russell Island Primary School.

For fishing, there's a jetty at the northern end of the island, soon to be replaced by state goverment in 2020 with a new more functional and attractive pontoon jetty.
Sandy Beach is also a fantastic spot for fishing or simply relaxing on the grass, with nearby picnic tables, barbecue area and toilets and shower.
Free camping is also available there.

Walk on ferry is FREE between any of the 4 islands including Russell Island. Creating a unique and diverse community archipelago.
Ferry from Redland bay marina to Russell Island is now $5 each way with your Adult GoCard.


Is it true police station is manned 3hours a week?
How often are ambulance officers available?


i have a question regarding ambulance ferry,is that 24hours? where is the closest hospital on mainland from Russell island?


Dave .. does the walk on ferry let you walk on with an electric scooter


Please note the following guidelines for what you can bring on the Passenger Jetboat ferries with your GoCard... "BICYCLES & ELECTRIC SCOOTERS may be stored on front deck or in cabin as directed by crew, must be secured with a strap limited numbers per ferry"
This document also states you can bring the following on board..
" all items must be clean & in good condition TROLLEYS trolleys (inc contents) cannot exceed 65cm x 65cm four-wheel trolleys must have brakes or a strap to secure them contents cannot exceed the height of the trolley
TELEVISIONS flat screen only, must be boxed or wrapped
SMALL ITEMS/ MACHINERY electric items / machinery petrol or diesel driven items / machinery empty of fuel and in new or good condition outboard motors empty of fuel, must be secured on a trolley (max. 15 HP) portable air compressors must be empty of any fuel and air pressure before boarding
BUILDING MATERIALS lengths (not on a trolley) cannot exceed 2.4m and bundles cannot exceed 30 cm in diameter
one bag of cement only, carried on a trolley tiles, paint, and small boxes must be able to be carried onto the ferry in one boarding or on a trolley
TYRES AND WHEELS one tyre or wheel only, carried on a trolley, cannot exceed trolley dimensions
BICYCLES & ELECTRIC SCOOTERS may be stored on front deck or in cabin as directed by crew, must be secured with a strap limited numbers per ferry
WHEELCHAIR AND MOBILITY AIDS the minimum allocated space for a single wheelchair or similar mobility aid is 800 mm by 1300 mm (AS1428.2 (1992) Clause 6.1, Clear floor, or ground space for a stationary wheelchair)
PRAMS are only permitted on the ferry when in use by parents with children
DOGS (OTHER ANIMALS MUST BE CAGED) dog owners must always carry a dog waste (poo) bag, that is visible on boarding, and clean up any mess made by their dog
all dogs must be muzzled and, on a lead, caged and meet all requirements of the dog policy (available from crew)
the Ferry Master may direct any unsuitable dog to leave the ferry or restrict the number of dogs on board for example, if there is insufficient capacity, it is a school service and so on
dogs may be refused if wet, smelly, sandy or in any condition that may offend other passengers" NON PASSENGER TRAVEL CONDITIONS (FREIGHT) | Effective 05 October 2021NON-PASSENGER TRAVEL. PDF

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