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"I’m pretty happy"

I came to bendigo on a day trip after looking around ballarat as we wanted to move out of melb. I got here just as dusk was coming and the coach lights lit the town Hall up and I was gone. I’m very into the old style buildings and history and I loved it. Ballarat didn’t have that feel, you could kinda see when you were moving into older or poorer or dirtier suburbs in Ballarat but here wasn’t as bad. We got here six months ago. Sold and bought on line. Got here over Xmas and yes, died in the heat. 42 and the neighbours said that was mild for summer. I know I’m in for hell next year but I’ve changed my seasons to suit me, lol, and am now walking around in a tshirt in winter -16 degrees which isn’t cold to me. The neighbours are lovely, we share what we grow, our recipes, whatever. The kid had a harder time, ESP with uni being from home due to Covid. But she’s coping. Easy to visit melb and for friends to come here. If you love exploring then you won’t stop. Gorgeous old towns and spots to visit and still some gold to go fossicking for, dog parks, good lakes - lakes are everywhere - and Eppalock is good, can literally drive onto the sand with the dogs and swim etc - and if you’re an older person, the library is really good and the U3A is the second best in Vic. Have nothing nice to say about the tafe course I did and the four lots of bullying I heard about and experienced myself as an older person. Awful. But I’ve found other people otherwise all pretty cool and helpful. Some suburbs of course are prettier than others and prices vary but our suburb is a bit of old and new, and there’s heaps of history in those older buildings! I love it! Good luck with your choice!

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