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"Eagleby Truths"

Eagleby (Settled 1863)

Eagleby Features:

. Elevated Location - Residential areas are situated above recorded Flood Levels (1974)

. Suburb's future expansion is limited by Green Belt (Logan and Albert River Flood Plains)

. Sugar Cane, Cattle Grazing, Small Crops, Commercial Fishing activities border
Eagleby's residential fringes.

. Direct vehicle access to M1 (Brisbane (25 minutes) - Surfers Paradise (30 minutes))

. Direct vehicle access to Logan Motorway (Ipswich - Towoomba)

. Numerous Council Boat Ramps provide direct river access to Moreton Bay
and Gold Coast Waterways

. No Residential Sprawl. Sprawl is halted by Green Belts (River Flood Plains).

. Only local vehicle traffic is on Eagleby roadways.
Under the protection of the Green Belts, no traffic impacts from distant towns or suburbs exists.

Bus Services:

Logan Hyperdome Shopping (See Google)
Brisbane - Gold Coast Commuter Trains
Town of Beenleigh (Circa 1863)
Logan City
Brisbane City

. Like all good locations, Eagleby was chosen as a place to settle by Queensland's early settlers.
The lower slopes of the Darlington Range which decend to Eagleby and Beenleigh were accessable by boat from both the Albert and Logan Rivers. This high ground provided a firm and dry dissembarkment location for men to access the higher mountain ranges that decended from the ancient and extinct Mt Warning volcano. Here the giant tress of the sub-tropical forests could be harvested.
In the conquest of this New World Wilderness, food produced on Eagleby's fertile river soils sustained the combatants.


Exclusive and settled modern suburb with a highly desired level of legislative protection from the forces of external growth and expansion.

If you want more than a endless suburban road lined with Hot Chickens, Video Stores and traffic lights then consider the settled location of Eagleby.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

I was in Eagleby one afternoon back in 2008, and to be frankly honest I think it was a bit on the depressing side. I dropped into the local shopping complex while heading back to Brisbane from the Gold Coast, and very much all of the centre was rather outdated. But mind you, I think it would be the sort of place that would suit people who would like to live in a quiet and slow-paced community.


Yes, that is a fair accessment of the current situation.
Look forward a number of years to what shall become similar to a inner city redevelopment.
Location is still location.


Very good summary by PropertyGuy of the reasons Eagleby is a great location with loads of potential. Understandably, the current services such as the local centre are not up to scratch, but this can change relatively quickly. Not so easy is finding a good location with positives mentioned above.

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