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Seaford Meadows


Built a lovely home in Seaford Meadows about 3 years ago, because it was a new development many of the neighbors had also completed their dream home and it was an enjoyable atmosphere with neighbor talking to neighbor. But not now, public housing tenants move in, rentals outnumber owners, police patrolling the area, so we sold .. as did our neighbors. Pity, close to shops, beach etc.

Great for

  • Local shops in walking distance

Not great for

  • New housing concrete jungles

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Retirees

Theres actually 10 police officers that live here. They aren't patrolling they are driving home.Get your facts straight before post rubbish.


Dear woog .. my neighbour who lived in his home for only 12 months before selling because of the trust homes was a Police Officer .. he didn't want to arrest them and live with them as well.


its normal for a police car to drive through areas, i know people who live in the seaford and i have house sat in seaford and i dont see them patrolling the area


Roxy girl is correct. We moved out 6 months ago due to the loud parties , esp in the new townhouse development. Place has gone downhill, awful now. Commission houseing tenants all over the estate now


Personally myself, everyone saying Seaford Meadows is terrible, I absolutely and totally agree!


Generalisations are so dangerous! There are so many lovely quiet places in this suburb! It's always luck of the draw with who ends up living near you - that's why there are all those shows about it on TV!! We have the best neighbours and absolutely love living here! Its BEAUTIFUL!! Obviously it depends WHERE you build and if its next to public housing - you might witness some interesting things... you may not!We haven't had any issues!

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