Biota Street, Inala, QLD 4077

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  • Medical facilities
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  • Nightlife

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Reviews of Biota Street, Inala

"Close to shops and buses"

There is a group of small, independent shops, restaurants, takeaways, cafes, post office, newsagent, pharmacy, doctors and other business on Biota street, making it a very convenient spot and a small local hub. It is also close to buses that go via Balsa and Rosemary streets.

In addition, Biota street has the most beautifully crafted benches and community notice board. It is a stunningly designed group of 3 benches and a notice boars stand, with amazing details. Following the area's tradition of botanical theme and plant-related street names, the benches and the board poles are made in the shapes of leaves from stainless steel and timber, resting on carved rocks decorated with mosaics. The steel leaf stems and board plates also have small detailed engravings of native Australian animals. The amount of talent and thought put into this corner of Biota and Tallow streets is astonishing. The most wealthy and trendy suburbs in Brisbane don't have anything like that!

Great for

  • Local shops
  • Close to buses
  • Close to schools

Who lives here?

  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • Country Lovers
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