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Burt Street, Cottesloe

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"Noisy and polluted"

I lived here for several years (Burt St). I left eventually because of the noise and pollution. Noise comes from constant yuppy renovations all around, nearby Stirling Highway (also terrible exhaust pollution from the rush hour arterial traffic, which makes the whole house smell of fumes), barking dogs, and most of all the aircraft (ever since this area of Cottesloe was placed under a flightpath). If you like being woken at 6am on Sunday by small aircraft joyriding out to Cottesloe beach, this is the place for you!
cotRes i live on john st and can say the same thing

andrew forrest has dogs that never stop barking, and trying to attack people as they walk past

and people are always demolishing their perfectly good houses to rebuild them

plus theer is a pile of scum that visit the area due to the pubs

the people who are in the few remaining old houses are great, but the area has been taken over by rich people who only care about themselves
Beth71 What can I say, this part of Cottesloe is the pits and I can't wait to move out. I have lived in Burt St Cottesloe for several years now and what I had thought would be a nice quiet respectable street and suburb, turned out to be a total nightmare. The noise problem is unbelievably overwhelming and nothing could convince me to stay here anymore. Where do I start. Directly on one side of us is Stirling Hwy which is a massive blight, it's constant hoons racing along it, police roaring up and down at all hours of the day and night, bikies charging past on a regular occurence, and huge trucks thundering through daily, it just never stops. Then directly on the other side of us is the train line. The trains hurtling up and down noisily on a regular basis is one thing but the main problem is the ridiculous horn blowing every single time they pass by. At first I couldn't understand why and thought maybe it was the drivers pipping a hello to eachother, then I realised that it was probably because there is a level crossing right near us on Jarrad St so assume it is a safety thing to warn people. I say too bad, there are boom gates that come down and flashing beeping lights going off so why the need to blast the damn train horns as well. If people don't see that a train is coming with all the other warning paraphernalia then so be it, that's their problem, but stop annoying and waking up locals with the horn blasting, its just not necessary. There is the huge dog barking problem in and around Burt St, probably no doubt due to selfish owners who can't be bothered to give their dogs some attention and take them for walks so the poor dogs howl night and day and bark at anything and anyone probably for some attention, it breaks my heart to hear it, there is one in particular on Dalgety Rd right on the corner of the laneway, it's disgraceful and not fair on the dogs. Next is the irritating constant renovations in Burt St, often by retirees with too much money and too much time on their hands. It is seriously one thing after another, they change this and alter that, try and cram in as many additions as they can into their ever increasingly smaller backyards, it's like if they see any space at all then they must cover it with some sort of concrete or brick addition. They are nothing more than pests who feel their executive years are slipping away and so hang on to their last shreds of power by ordering tradesmen around like they were the Emperor or something. When this happens on an almost daily basis and they wake you up before 7am with their drilling, hammering, ordering around, etc, you start to lose any patience you once had with them as it just becomes so insensitive and rude and disrespectful. Along with that is the fact that the properties are all built far too close to one another. They are crammed in like a hornets nest, so we have minimal to nil backyards and frontyards, side space barely enough to squeeze through, which means we have people living so close to eachother that you can hear them sneeze from inside their houses, it is shocking how close these properties are to one another, there is absolutely no privacy at all. But I've saved the best for last. The aircraft. Where do I start. We have the constant international airplanes departing Perth that fly right overhead our house literally, this occurs very regularly all day every day and doesn't stop until about 2am. Then there are the joyride airplanes that fly overhead and roundabout constantly all day every day. And last but not least the newly introduced but extremely irritating aerial shark patrol planes. These little treasures commence about 5am every morning in summertime, drone on all day and do not stop until very late at night. The drone sounds of this aircraft in particular are extremely annoying. So, if you don't mind all of the above then please do not let it stop you from settling in Cottesloe, otherwise for everyone else, be aware is all I can say, this is not an exaggeration I can assure you, this place is a nightmare and has been spoilt beyond words. Cottesloe Mayor has alot to answer for in the desecration of this once beautiful and peaceful suburb. It is not worth a cent of what the properties are supposedly worth anymore.
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