Cambridge Road, Mooroolbark, VIC 3138

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  • Childcare
  • Clean & green
  • Gym and fitness
  • Internet access
  • Neighbourly spirit

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  • Lack of traffic
  • Cost of living
  • Nightlife

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Reviews of Cambridge Road, Mooroolbark

"Cambridge Rd - A truly beautiful, historical and vital Road."

The area around Cambridge Road was subdivided in 1958, with the estate of 220 acres called 'Mooroolbark Heights Estate'. It was once known as White Gums for the many Manna Gums and Candlebark that covered the hill. I believe there's a protection in place on the road that is still upheld today. There must be preserved a green wedge/easement each side of Cambridge Road. Fortunate for the road as there are many native species of gums and various plants of interest.

As mentioned, this road and area developed as the first Mooroolbark estate and the location was chosen due to planning and surveying having earmarked this as prime land for development that was previously used for grazing, the roads and the estate gained access to what was the first choice in prime land and as a result there are wider roads and more of an open feel to the area, the older estates often provide this.

These days the road provides quick access to Mooroolbark Town Centre and is the division between Mooroolbark and Kilsyth. The road has a dedicated bike track on the Mooroolbark side that crosses over to Kilsyth near Pembroke Rd, this Bike Track can take you to Elizabeth Bridge Reserve and Brushy Creek linear trail and not forgetting the Carrum to Warburton Trail, a major enhancement to the trail network in Melbourne's east that will (at time of writing this review incomplete) traverse Cambridge Road Mooroolbark/Kilsyth, a cost of $7.4m fully funded.

There are now dedicated pedestrian lights/bike crossing between Hawthory Road and Dunrossil Drive which will offer 100km of off-road riding between Carrum and Warburton to Bay Trail and the Peninsula Link Trail. Cambridge Road offers access to Mooroolbark with the 5 ways roundabouts (one of the most unique intersections in Melbourne/Victoria) and at the opposite end there's the suburb of Montrose.

Turning left at the Montrose end (Swansea Road) will take you to Mt Evelyn via York Road and Lilydale via Swansea Rd passing Lillydale Lake. Turning right at Swansea Rd will take you to the Mt Dandenong Tourist road with all the wonders of Mt Dandenong. Edna Walling claimed that Cambridge Road was (and likely still is) one of the "Prettiest Roads in Victoria". The only thing I think should be considered is a 50km speed limit between Hawthory Rd and Durhum Rd as the 60km limit is treated as 70-80km at times.

There's also access the O'Shannassy Pipeline Track that is an excellent walk from Mitcham to Mount Evelyn or great for the Mountain Bike enthusiast. Located between Dryden Concourse and Lawson Rd Mooroolbark (Mountfield Rd Kilsyth) on Cambridge Rd this Pipe Track can take you to Olinda Creek, Edinburgh Rd, Olinda Reservoir and beyond to Mount Evelyn Aqueduct Walk or all the way to Mitcham.

The walk allows thoughts regarding the amount of drinking water that passes under your feet via pipe which is quite intriguing and with close to 30 meters of open area that has a great open feel adding to the walking experience with some hills, flats and and great views. Most people passing this section of Cambridge Road by car probably wouldn't know that Melbournians benefit from this drinking water daily. The O'Shannassy Pipeline has been providing this since early last century, older than most of us alive today.

Summing up, Cambridge Road is a beautiful road with the older estates each side and wide open roads that connect with it. Property prices are steep but reasonable considering the fresh air and location and includes some unique but vital history not only to Mooroolbark's history and locality but indeed to the whole of Melbourne's drinking water supply.

Cambridge Rd - A truly beautiful, historical and vital Road.

Great for

  • Access to awesome Bike Trails, Miniture Steam Rail, parks etc
  • Easy to get to shops
  • Green and Clean!

Not great for

  • Authorities should consider a 50km speed limit between HawthoryRd and Durhum Rd Mooroolbark

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