Clyde Street, St Kilda, VIC 3182

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Reviews of Clyde Street, St Kilda

"A backwater marred by rubbish from McDonalds"

Clyde St is a quiet backwater in St Kilda only marred by the constant drip of drunken Irish backpackers passing through and people who dump McDonald's wrappers because the council can't be bothered to do anything about it.
The locals are a friendly mixed crowd from all walks of life.
One problem is that the water is often cut off because the pipes are so old.

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The old water pipes sould like a serious problem. How often does it happen?


Last Tues 9am to 4pm, three or four time a year we are cut off. Once our house flooded because of it because we didn't realise a tap was left on.


I've lived in Clyde street for over a decade and never had a problem with the water.

The street is quiet and has lovely, friendly people with real community spirit. Relative to the rest of St Kilda it has little through traffic, yet the acland st action is literally around the corner.

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