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Reviews of Forbes St, Newtown

19th December 2021

"Underrated Shopping district"

The close proximity to the local convenient shopping district on the top end of King St (Dominos, Kenyan coffee shop, Asian supermarket), along with public transport to Central, Redfern and Newtown make this place an up and coming corner of king street, this place does have a high concentration of public housing, and in turn a low-demographic multicultural community adding to a mixed income environment, with million dollar terrace homes, across the road from government apartments, where tenants are paying subsidised rent. The area in the past may have been given a bad wrap, and in turn lately over-policed, but that doesn’t stop this corner from being a thriving part of Newtown within the past 5 years, with more trendy shops popping up around the new Dominos pizza. The place has its fair share of loitering, like a lot of places in King Street too.

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19th January 2021

"Great street to stay far away from"

Hellhole. Crammed with too many Welfare recipients in one spot, illegal dumping, petty theft, drug paraphernalia and drunk yobbos loitering on the brick wall walking through the middle of the one way road in front of moving cars I heard stories of riots and drug dealers in there. The domestic violence is emotionally and morally draining.

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19th September 2020

"I could never relax"

Absolutely one of the worst places I have ever lived.
From living next to the large housing commission complex, the regular noise and episodes happening make afternoons home from work unbearable and sometimes leave me fearing for my safety. Local kids often hang around the basketball court arguing and swearing, and it wasnt rare for them to cause trouble Smashing windows, Ive seen people getting pinned on the wall and punched in the face from my front yard.

Their parents are complete trash, with nothing to do but get drunk, scream at each other in their units at night and let their kids do what they want, Ive even had some povvo shazza throw a flower pot 2 stories off her balcony onto my car roof.

Literally anywhere 2 streets away from here is a way better place to live


I almost had my suitcase snatched off me by a hooded ratbag on the corner of the unit complex, and never have ever taken that way home since...


A lot of the rougher families in the area have moved out and most of then children in there that have caused trouble in the past have matured and grown up, this doesnt reflect on a large group of the quiet good people living in the area.


Complete trash is a bit much aye

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15th June 2020

"Really bad"

I used to live in an Airbnb around the corner, and regularly heard loud fighting in the units on the corner, drug users and homeless people hang around the T intersection next to the shops on the corner often, it is a pretty badly looked after area, filled with trash, graffiti, etc, I even found used syringes around. Police get called into the area almost everyday, not at all surprised, not really a place you want to hang around.

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