Alamanda and Seabrook have good rankings. When are results out for Featherbrook P-9?

Hoping to move to Point Cook in 2018 with two Primary age kids. Is Featherbrook performing as well as Alamanda and Seabrook? Thank you
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Hmm, I do not know of Featherbrook but I think Alamanda is going to shine more with IB program and now that Saltwater school is opened along Featherbrook the no of students will go down giving more attention and less crowd for kids.


New schools in the area is fantastic for Point Cook. Im more interested in Seabrook and Alamanda now, being the more established schools in Point Cook and th current plan is to arrive early 2019. Does anybody have any good advice for getting children into school during the 2019 school year? Thank you

Just show your rental lease or title to prove you live in the school zone.


Hi All, do we have any feedback on Featherbrook P-9 college ? My son will join Prep from next year, but I am not sure , if Featherbrook P-9 is the right choice ?

Featherbrook P9 is a good school, great teachers and they are putting efforts in the individual learning.

Hi Kevin Mahon which school did you guys end up choosing? I am at the same cross road moving there in Dec and not sure zone area to rent in.


In the end we chose to live by the beach in Altona and have Altona Primary School around the corner. Been here since May 2019, the area is perfect for a young family, couldnt be happier.

Featherbrook P9 is a school to watchout. The school has done some amazing progress in the overall results. They will compete with Alamanda P9

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Hello guys I am planning to move in point cook any going through the same scenario....I'm confused in Seabrook school and alamanda school....don't know which one is better incase of education.....can anyone help please?
Which school should be the first priority among these two schools?
Will be thankful.

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