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"Great option for those who want to have a house, space and privacy without getting into a life-long mortgage debt"

Have been looking for a house in Corinda/ Oxley/ Sherwood/ Durack/ Inala/ Richlands/ Darra/ Seventeen Mile Rocks area for a while.

Eventually decided to choose Inala, as it offers the best value for money. Every property in Oxley, Corinda and Sherwood that's not priced close to a million is either on a flood plain, or in a terrible state, or on a noisy street, or just a dreadful asbestos shack. All newer developments inevitably meant the properties were tiny, virtually no yard, and every window had a view of nothing but the neighbour's fence 1 meter away. The streets in those new estates are very narrow, two cars can barely pass one another, and you are stuck if it's a rubbish collection day and there is a garbage truck on the street.

In comparison, Inala yards are huge, the post war concrete houses are rock solid, streets are wide, lots of space, parks, shops, restaurants, buses, easy road access. All this with no mortgage noose for the rest of your life. Some might have seen comments mentioning socio-economic situation, but in 2 years in Inala I haven't seen any issues. And even if one day I become unlucky to get a bad neighbour (which can happen in absolutely any suburb), I personally would rather have a huge Inala size yard between me and that neighbour, so that I would not see or hear them, than have that neighbour 1 metre away from my window, like it would be in all the new builds and subdivided blocks in more ostentatious suburbs.

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Can I ask what street you live in? I've heard that the three categories (flowers, constellations and birds) can indicate "good" and "bad" streets.


I would not say that there are "good" or "bad" streets. Rather that some are better and some a bit worse, but even that can depend on your personal preferences. For example some people would love to live near a large shopping centre, and some would not at all. Inala is a large suburb and has 3 street-name sections: plants, birds and constellations. I quite like this system, it is cute and helped to navigate when I was still new to the area. You can find some very nice streets within each section. Personally I like the botanical section better, especially the area around the ridge that pretty much goes along Buddleia street. I was lucky as at the time a nice house on Buddleia came up for sale, so that's where I live now. I like its elevated position, so it has nice views and will never flood. It is quiet, and yet I am quite close to a bus that goes to Oxley train station. I am also only a short walk to Biota Street Village shops, and when I fancy a longer walk, I can walk towards Veronica street and from there to Richlands Plaza for shopping, or even further to Richlands station to catch a train to the city, or walk down to Lavender street, through the parks and to Inala Civic markets. So if you like walking, or like parks and green spaces, or have a dog who will enjoy the off-leash parks the suburb has, or want to be able to wake up to bird songs in the morning instead of traffic noise, or if gardening is your hobby and you are dreaming of having a generous yard, of if you appreciate owing a super solid house that was built to last, Inala is well worth having a look at.


Thank you so much! We missed out on a house in Buddleia St, but your review was so helpful. Thank you.

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