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Williams Landing

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Apr 28, 2018

"Fast commute to city, commercial development but no schools in the suburb!"

1. Fast commute to city (talking about public transport only) williams landing station - takes 33-35 minutes to Flinders, 28 minutes to Southern cross station
2. Commerical developments like Target office, shopping center, future town center
3. Good for sports
4. Safety has increased and will keep increasing as the development happens, more people more vigilance as williams landing station is present will for sure become the safest. Be safe be it anywhere if you are not careful no one is going to spare you.
5. Community - Do not hate these suburbs just because they are on west and have mostly indians, chinese (asians). They have struggled overseas and want to make this country their home, no harmful intentions here. These are the people who are bringing wealth as well.
(More people, diverse culture -> economic growth).
6. kind of middle CBD -> Williams Landing <-Werribee, Geelong , given indians, chinese in the region might even open up a tech park bringing more revenue to council (Wyndham council look at this ... tech is the future)
7. Near to Point cook, werribee plaza not so far, altona beach, proximity to lorne etc. for day trips
8. Great potential
9. Community can come together as one. This will help the profile. I am sure education wise professionals with tertiary education so this can be the star just like east suburbs are and the west can become more prosperous. Remember **tech** is the key.

1. No school in the suburb, empty promises by everyone from Councillors to MPs. But in general when I look at the way Australia plans things it feels like UK->Aus really screwed everything all over the world. Politicians in India (Congress) learned the tricks of not doing anything from UK substantially and just keep talking and planning about future. (Eg. 50 years and still planning rail from airport to CBD, West of Melbourne they made it like dump I mean seriously where was the planning, look at the freeway access and you will see traffic signals everywhere ask the planners to go and stay in US see the grandness in their constructions and learn from it) Consider that even you come to so called developed nations (Australia) and you are stuck in traffic (point cook traffic to get on freeway or buses taking 20-25 minutes for 6 kms what the hell)
2. No fun suburb, hopefully towncenter will bring the magic but public transport is fast just go to city or anywhere you want to have fun ...
3. I am guess not much of population and voter population less than what the politicians would care is hampering the development, I am sure will change as more n more people will get citizenship. This would happen to all of West metro and then hopefully the development continues.

My review might seem like sometimes too positive to too negative and throws an immigrants view on the whole living in West.
Please do not consider as this will keep changing as we move forwards. *Australians do not feel bad about immigrant talking about Australia in harsh tone but thats the reality and I believe true Australians love that atleast the bashing governments, big banks etc. ;). I am for progress!!!

immigrant from India in West Melbourne Metro
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