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Hervey Bay

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5 days ago


I moved from Lake Macquarie NSW to Point Vernon about 12 moths ago. I now understand what it is like to live in a small regional area. Most of the doctors are from overseas and are nervous nellies, they send you to a specialist immediately to cover themselves. I wonder about their expertise.
There is a large number of the population that is elderly and infirmed and many who are in the lower socio-economic group. The elderly do out weigh the rest of the population. There is always the sound of ambulances in the background. However, if I see one more very elderly woman with fresh tattoos all over them with multiple ear piercings and pink hair Ill throw up. The men seem to favor gold chains, I didnt know we were living in Europe! I want to know how they can afford it! The council rates are high but that includes water rates in one bill. The fore shore is well maintained with picnic spots and children's play gyms all along the fore shore. It caters to the tourists and is the main source of income for many of the business in the area. While there is Kmart, Target, Woolworths and Hervey Norman their will never be a decent sized shopping mall as you would see in larger towns. Not enough money in the area, there is definitely the population as houses are going up everywhere. Yes there is a problem with renters in general but not all are that bad. However, the young woman who was crashed tackled by the police near my house dos not bode well. The restaurants are improving as better ones are opening up. I would describe Hervey Bay as an island its seems disconnected from everywhere else and sales people deal to you in their own time. If you ignore all of the above and are a fisherman with a boat you have found your paradise.
Nov 12, 2020

"small town with a real attitude"

the council is only interested in its self we are solving the employment problem by employing more people wether it helps the locals or just helps those people empire building
Jul 05, 2020


Have to be the most unfriendliest place to new comers
Locals seem to want to be locked behind their gates and wooden fences and don't want to talk to their neighbours. I found the most friendliest people I met are the Woolworth workers at Eli waters they are very friendly and polite.
kevin-h You must have met the wrong group of people. I have found the majority of people here are friendly and outgoing. The only time this was less apparent was when the virus scare was around and people tried to keep away from others. I still found most were friendly even though not as outgoing. I think your opinion of people in Hervey Bay was unfortunate as this place really is paradise.
Jul 07, 2020
Lindsay Howard
Lindsay Howard I agree with Allison. Yes, some are friendly but most across all age groups act like pigs (especially during the virus scare) and are quite rude. The problem is cheap house prices, high number of renters, poor police presence and minimal employment the place is not a good option unless you want to go into a god's waiting room retirement village.
Nov 18, 2020
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Jan 23, 2020

"Great location but a totally feral population"

I currently live in Eli Waters having moved from Torquay but prior to that NSW. Cheap house prices and rents has attracted some of the worst characters you can imagine. Drug users, unemployed, driving issues - you name it as it is here No laws are followed but neither the police or the council do any enforcement anyway. It is a real pity as it is a beautiful area but the social disobedience at all levels leaves it as a last resort for quality law abiding residents. I am moving out ASAP as has done three of my neighbors.
kevin-h Wow I am glad I am not living in Eli Waters because I havent met many of the ilk you speak of in other areas of Hervey Bay
Jul 07, 2020
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Aug 18, 2019

"A small town with everything you need"

Hervey Bay is like being on holiday everyday. Easy to get around and friendly local. Safe beaches for young kids and water fun SUP, kayak, inflatable, dinghy JetSki etc yet bigger boats can moor safely also. It is a tourist town so can get busy but the people coming in keep the economy moving and is good for the town. Shopping is good with about any shop you would want, hospital and medical services are good, sports fixtures a plenty and great schools. A bit slow for druggies, headbangers and disco addicts, but that is the appeal for many.
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"A boaring little town full of stoners or retired people interesting in doing nothing"

Its like an old sea side town, untouched by developers, with no real views to speak of, and no vibe or soul. Some ok places to eat, and so ok walks on the beach , unless you like fishing or boating this is not a place to enjoy surf, night life, or views, it all feels a bit run down, old and boganny. Better places in Queensland to live.
bobhatton So tell me; where would be the better places to live in Queensland?
Jan 22, 2020
Jane Sheppard
Jane Sheppard Yeppoon, sunshine coast, gold coast, Mackay, just to name a few
Jan 22, 2020
bobhatton No, you must have misheard me; I said 'better'..
I've lived near Yeppoon, have lived on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and worked in Mackay. You said HB was full of stoners and bogans - you think the places you mention aren't?
Jan 23, 2020
Jane Sheppard
Jane Sheppard this is not a forum for back and forth, you like green I like blue, IMHO.. if you think different great, I am not going to have a discussion about it. Its simply my view. End of story.
Jan 23, 2020
kevin-h I love Hervey Bay, but like most places it depends on the people who are around you that influence our opinions
Jul 07, 2020
mariona I love Hervey Bay and at the moment it seems like so many other people do. The bay is booming. House prices have jumped, there are so many restaurants opening up, all kinds of keep fit, schools are doing well, hospital is expanding, esplanade looks great and in my experience when I am out most people say hello.
Sep 12, 2020
helenm30 what a wonder full place to die, they are building the hervey bay hospice next to a crematorium hope fully the planning people will spend their last days looking at the smoke stack, my parents survived the 2nd world war have we learnt nothing this is how an incompentent local council treats the elderley
Nov 17, 2020
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Best Suburbs in Hervey Bay


Point Vernon

"Beautiful beaches and quiet neighbourhood"
-25.2547871360799 152.816680350017

Burrum Heads

"smaller location half hour from Hervey Bay or Maryborough."
-25.2228607540967 152.63672603299


"Semi rural feel , close to town and beach"
-25.2737861598398 152.724688574511
"Dundowran Beach - A great lifestyle for young families and retirees alike with room to move"
-25.2708646606923 152.768398214145

Eli Waters

"Eli Waters is wonderful"
-25.2675677357629 152.803334435422


"Stunningly beautiful, peaceful, friendly"
-25.2873370295305 152.871364059629


"Central to everything"
-25.2795515243252 152.837054873461


"Urangan - Ideal place to live or visit"
-25.3037245153759 152.8979979619


"Next to the beach and only 15 minutes to town"
-25.2611802342124 152.694389079996

River Heads

"Great fishing. Close to fraser island. Barge access to the island"
-25.41148645801 152.909945185373