Mistral Place
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Mistral Place, Hobart, TAS 7000

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16th June 2024


So many deadly medication mistakes. Filthy dirty, uninviting,dull,1950's hospitable beds. No programs,no nurses talk to see how you are. TV,that's it. Dismal. Makes mental health worse. Asthma attack,nonstaff came to help coz there were none,I called out,coughing ciughingvwheezing. Didn't have a spacer at first,nurse didn't know you needed one. Didn't know how many puffs you have!!! So I educated her. No drs. No therapy nonprograms just a TV. Suicidal. Let me go with a ton ofvmeds. My death is on HDU k5at the royal for telling me to move on,I said I wasn't stable enough. OK stay 2 more days. Next day,moved on to mistral. So my death is due to lack of duty of care,neglect. I hope your pleased with what you've done.

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