The Homely Report: Discover Australia’s Top 40 Friendliest Suburbs to Live in

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Summer Hill is one of the most friendly suburbs in Australia
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Where we live plays a crucial role in shaping our happiness and well-being. Research shows that social connectedness within communities can help reduce health risks like heart disease, depression, and anxiety. Studies confirm that strong social ties can decrease the risk of premature death by up to 50%. Social cohesion and the neighbors we choose are essential for improving physical activity, mental health, and overall life satisfaction, especially for vulnerable groups.

We are excited to present the second edition of The Homely Report, our guide to the best suburbs in Australia. This edition highlights the top 40 friendliest suburbs, as rated by millions of Australians on These suburbs are celebrated for their community belonging, cohesion, and neighborly spirit, as rated by real locals.

The 40 friendliest suburbs in Australia as rated by those who live there

Taking the top spot this year is the charming suburb of Sunshine Beach in Queensland. Renowned for its vibrant community and laid-back lifestyle, Sunshine Beach is where neighbours still greet each other with a smile. Local reviewer, BeachLover89, shares, “Sunshine Beach is a close-knit community with an incredible sense of belonging. Everyone looks out for each other, and the local events bring people together in a way that feels like family.”

The second friendliest suburb in Australia is Summer Hill in New South Wales. Summer Hill is a quaint village in the Inner West of Sydney and known as the home of the Little BIG House, a unique property designed to cultivate a sense of belonging and connection amongst locals. Amid Australia’s growing loneliness epidemic, with nearly half of the population lacking neighbours they can rely on, the Little BIG House aims to rekindle community spirit. Sarah Mathews, CEO, Little BIG Foundation, says, “Summer Hill has a rich history and a vibrant community spirit. It’s a place where people really care about each other and that can be seen in the depth of volunteering, the number of community-led events and the loyal support for local businesses. The Little BIG House is grateful to call Summer Hill home and contribute to its ongoing vibrancy.” – Read more about Summer Hill here and find out more about the Little BIG House here. 

Another suburb that stands out for its friendliness is Tasmania’s Scottsdale, where the blend of fresh air living and community warmth creates an ideal place to call home for many young families as well as retirees. According to Homely user SDalelover, “I have lived in Scottsdale my whole life and I love the place. Its safe for young children and the elderly. everyone looks out for and after each other. “

Kensington in Melbourne also deserves a mention for its inclusive and diverse community. The suburb is praised for its vibrant social scene and supportive neighbourhood. Homely user UrbanExplorer notes, “Kensington is a gem with its multicultural vibe and friendly locals. The community gardens and regular street festivals make it a lively and welcoming place to live.”

Dive into the full list to discover the friendliest suburbs in Australia and explore what locals are saying about local neighbourhoods around Australia. 

Top 40 Friendliest Suburbs in Australia

  1. Sunshine Beach, QLD 4567

Sunshine Beach offers a blend of stunning coastline and a vibrant village atmosphere, featuring top-notch restaurants like Sum Yung Guys and Embassy XO, as well as a new Surf Club with excellent food and entertainment. The area is perfect for families, professionals, and retirees, providing easy access to the beach, local shops, and scenic walking trails.

Locals say “The village atmosphere is a major attraction to Sunshine Beach.”

Read more about Sunshine Beach.

30 Whale Drive, Sunshine Beach QLD 4567 listed by Reed and Co. Agents
  1. Summer Hill, NSW 2130

The Sunday markets in Summer Hill are a must-visit, offering amazing food stalls and handmade accessories in a quiet, lovely community. It’s an ideal place for professionals and families with kids, with a friendly atmosphere and great local events. If you’re visiting Summer Hill, a visit to the Little BIG House is a must. Join a local get together or simply meet new friends at this neighbourhood hub. Find out more about The Little BIG House here.

“Nothing short of exceptional! The warmth and hospitality that we felt from this community made us feel right at home.”

Read more about Summer Hill here

9 Henson Street, Summer Hill NSW 2130 listed by Harris Tripp
  1. Auburn, NSW 2144

Auburn is known for its rich cultural diversity and vibrant culinary scene, attracting food lovers from all over. The welcoming nature of its residents and variety of international cuisines make Auburn a standout suburb for families, professionals, singles, retirees, and students. With excellent schools, medical facilities, and a variety of parks and recreational areas, Auburn provides a lively and convenient lifestyle for its residents.

“Diverse and welcoming community with great food options.”

Read more about Auburn here.

2 Cockthorpe Road, Auburn NSW 2144 listed by Stone Real Estate Parramatta
  1. Balwyn, VIC 3103

Balwyn is known for its upscale suburban living, featuring leafy streets, prestigious schools, and a family-friendly atmosphere. The vibrant retail and dining hub on Whitehorse Road, along with excellent parks like Beckett Park and convenient tram services, make it a coveted choice for families and professionals seeking a high-quality lifestyle in Melbourne.

“Excellent schools and lovely parks.”

Read more about Balwyn here.

5 Pembroke Road, Balwyn VIC 3103 listed by Ray White Glen Waverley
  1. Blackburn, VIC 3130

Blackburn is a tranquil suburb known for its beautiful parks, excellent schools, and convenient public transport, making it ideal for families, professionals, singles, and retirees. The suburb offers a serene living environment with large house blocks and the picturesque Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, while still being just 20 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD.

“Quiet suburb with a strong sense of community.”

Read more about Blackburn here.

5 Woorrwarren Lane, Blackburn VIC 3130 listed by Inline Real Estate Pty Ltd
  1. Brighton, VIC 3186

Brighton is a friendly and sophisticated seaside suburb known for its excellent schools, neighbourly spirit, and safe environment, making it perfect for families, professionals, and retirees. With clean, green public spaces and convenient public transport, Brighton offers a blend of tranquility and urban amenities that residents love.

“Beautiful beaches and a friendly, upscale atmosphere.”

Read more about Brighton here.

Unit 101/1 Bryson Ave, Brighton VIC 3186 listed by Nick Johnstone Real Estate
  1. Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

Coffs Harbour offers a friendly and vibrant community, great internet access, parks, public transport, and ample parking, making it ideal for families, professionals, retirees, singles, and beach lovers. Residents enjoy a laid-back lifestyle with beautiful beaches, the picturesque hinterland, and a strong sense of neighbourly spirit.

“Wonderful place with great beaches and a friendly vibe.”

Read more about Coffs Harbour here.

247 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 listed by McGrath Coffs Harbour
  1. Collaroy, NSW 2097

Collaroy is a friendly and safe suburb known for its excellent internet access, public transport, parks, and recreational opportunities, making it ideal for families, professionals, retirees, and singles. The community spirit is strong, with plenty of local events and activities, and residents enjoy a beachside lifestyle with beautiful ocean views and a variety of local amenities.

“Amazing coastal suburb with a relaxed lifestyle.”

Read more about Collaroy here.

15/1155-1157 Pittwater Road, Collaroy NSW 2097 listed by The North Agency
  1. Doncaster, VIC 3108

Doncaster is a vibrant and family-friendly suburb offering a high quality of life with its excellent shopping options, particularly at Westfield Doncaster, expansive parks and recreation areas, and a reputation for being clean and green. It is a safe and sound community, attracting families with kids, professionals, singles, retirees, and those who are fashion-conscious, making it a desirable place to live for people from various walks of life.

“Great shopping and very family-friendly.”

Read more about Donny here

7 Woodland Street, Doncaster VIC 3108 listed by Woodards Manningham
  1. Duncraig, WA 6023

Duncraig is a highly rated suburb, known for its excellent schools, reliable internet access, and efficient public transport. The community is vibrant, with plenty of childcare options and a high resale or rental value for properties. Residents appreciate the proximity to beautiful beaches, numerous parks, and a friendly neighbourhood spirit. While nightlife options may be limited, the suburb offers a peaceful and family-friendly environment, making it ideal for families with kids, professionals, retirees, and beach lovers alike.

“Lovely neighbourhood with friendly locals and great amenities.”

Read more about Duncraig here

17 MacNab Rise, Duncraig WA 6023 listed by Davey Real Estate Padbury
  1. East Melbourne, VIC 3002

Nestled on the eastern fringe of Melbourne’s CBD, East Melbourne combines urban convenience with tranquil charm. With its historic architecture, lush parks, and excellent transport links, this prestigious suburb offers residents a harmonious blend of city living and suburban serenity.

“You’re surrounded by beautiful old heritage houses and parks galore.”

Read more about East Melbourne here.

111P/191 Powlett Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002 listed by Caine Real Estate East Melbourne
  1. Elwood, VIC 3184

Elwood, Melbourne, beckons with its vibrant coastal lifestyle, featuring stunning beaches, scenic parks, and a bustling cafe culture that cater to singles, professionals, and families seeking a relaxed yet urban atmosphere. While it boasts a unique charm and community spirit, residents navigate higher living costs and limited public transport options, offset by the suburb’s undeniable allure and quality of life amenities.

“Close-knit community with great cafes and beaches.”

Read more about Elwood here.

36 Milton Street, Elwood VIC 3184 listed by Chisholm & Gamon Elwood
  1. Ferny Grove, QLD 4055

Discover Ferny Grove, a tranquil suburb just 12 kilometers northwest of Brisbane’s CBD. Renowned for its leafy streets and proximity to nature, residents enjoy a peaceful lifestyle with easy access to parks, bushland, and local amenities. Ideal for families, Ferny Grove offers spacious homes, top-notch schools, and a welcoming community, making it a perfect blend of suburban charm and city convenience.

“Safe and friendly with excellent schools.”

Read more about Ferny Grove here.

22 Ballylin Street, Ferny Grove QLD 4055 listed by David Deane Real Estate
  1. Flagstaff Hill, SA 5159

Located a short 25-minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD, Flagstaff Hill combines a serene semi-rural ambiance with close proximity to urban amenities. Known for its abundant wildlife and picturesque trails, this suburb offers families a peaceful retreat with excellent schools and a tight-knit community.

“Family-friendly with trees all around.”

Read more about Flagstaff Hill here.

11 Witton Street, Flagstaff Hill SA 5159 listed by Ray White Flagstaff Hill
  1. Footscray, VIC 3011

Footscray is experiencing a rapid transformation that promises substantial returns for property investors. With major infrastructure projects alongside new schools and a hospital, Footscray is poised for exponential growth. Its multicultural charm, diverse dining scene, and vibrant community make it an increasingly attractive place to live and invest.

“Love the multiculturalism, community spirit, food, just everything.”

Read more about Footscray here.

608D/8 Joseph Road, Footscray VIC 3011 listed by Burnham Real Estate Footscray | Seddon | Deer Park
  1. Fish Creek, VIC 3959

Located on the scenic route to Wilsons Promontory in South Gippsland, Fish Creek charms with its vibrant arts scene, quaint cafes, and the iconic giant metal fish sculpture. This small Victorian town, nestled amidst dairy country, welcomes both locals and tourists alike to enjoy its galleries, local authors’ works, and a warm community spirit.

“Close knit, proud of place, near some of the most stunning beaches.”

Read more about Fish Creek here.

975 Falls Road, Fish Creek VIC 3959 listed by Paragreen Real Estate
  1. Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Glen Waverley, once a quiet suburb, has transformed into a vibrant community cherished for its new housing developments, excellent schools, and diverse dining options. Despite traffic and parking challenges, residents value the safety, quiet neighbourhoods, and bustling amenities like The Glen Shopping Centre and numerous parks.

“Real neighbourhood spirit and great schools nearby.” Read more about Glen Waverley here.

26 Avendon Boulevard, Glen Waverley VIC 3150 listed by JRW Property International
  1. Hawthorn East, VIC 3123

Hawthorn East epitomises suburban charm with its leafy streets and historic homes, complemented by a bustling array of cafes, shops, and parks. Convenient tram and train access to the CBD make it a sought-after locale for families and professionals alike, offering a peaceful retreat just moments from Melbourne’s vibrant heart.

“Hawthorn East is a small but spirited local, prized by families.” Read more about Hawthorn East here.

6/11 Mowbray Street, Hawthorn East VIC 3123 listed by Abercromby’s Real Estate
  1. Hope Island, QLD 4212

Hope Island offers a unique blend of peaceful, family-friendly living with modern amenities and natural beauty. With easy access to the M1, top-notch marina facilities, shops, and various recreational activities, it provides a perfect balance of convenience and relaxation. Whether you enjoy fishing by the river, walking through quiet streets, or playing golf, Hope Island caters to a wide range of lifestyles and preferences.

“I would say “too good to be true”, but it IS true!”

Read more about Hope Island here.

3105 Riverleigh Drive, Hope Island QLD 4212 listed by COASTAL ° Paradise Point
  1. Emu Heights, 2750

Emu Heights is ranked the second best suburb in the Sydney (Greater) Region, NSW, with a high rating of 4.8 from 9 reviews. This suburb is praised for its excellent parking, safety, cleanliness, reliable internet access, and tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal location for families with kids, professionals, singles, retirees, and country lovers. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Emu Heights offers a close-knit community, abundant parks, scenic walking tracks, and excellent schools, all while being conveniently close to amenities and public transport.

Residents enjoy the peaceful environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle, complemented by stunning mountain views and abundant birdlife.

Read more lovely reviews of Emu Heights here.


36 Nimbus Close, Kellyville NSW 2155 listed by Agius Property Group
  1. Langwarrin, VIC 3910

Langwarrin is a green, tranquil suburb offering a perfect blend of nature and convenience to beachside destinations, as well as warm and welcoming locals. Residents enjoy proximity to beautiful beaches, nature reserves, and key amenities, making it an ideal place for families and professionals alike.

Discover what the locals think about Langwarrin here.

136 Pindara Boulevard, Langwarrin VIC 3910 listed by Area Specialist Aspendale Gardens
  1. Mawson Lakes, SA 5095

Mawson Lakes is a vibrant and modern suburb known for its beautiful lakes, excellent public transport, and diverse community. Located just 20 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD, it offers a range of amenities, including shopping centres, parks, and schools, making it a desirable place for young families and professionals.

Homely user Communitys says, “My neighbours know me by name, and we often talk when out and about!

Find out what else the locals think here.

9 Everglade Street, Mawson Lakes SA 5095 listed by Ray White Black Forest
  1. Newtown, NSW 2042

Newtown offers a unique blend of eclectic charm and vibrant energy. With its leafy streets, Victorian terraces, and a strong sense of community, it’s ideal for families, professionals, and creatives alike. The suburb boasts an impressive array of cafes, restaurants, parks, and cultural venues, all within walking distance, making it one of Sydney’s most convenient and lively places to live.

“The convenience is hard to beat. Have found it filled with down-to-earth, intellectually curious, open-minded folk.”

Discover more Newtown reviews. 

35 Darley Street, Newtown NSW 2042 listed by Ray White Surry Hills
  1. Paddington, QLD 4064

Paddington is a charming and safe suburb, offering a blend of suburban tranquility and city convenience. Known for its leafy streets, heritage architecture, and vibrant café culture, it’s ideal for families and professionals who value community spirit and proximity to Brisbane’s CBD.

“Eclectic and charming and yet family friendly and so liveable.” Read more reviews about Paddington here.

61A Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064 listed by Ray White Rochedale
  1. Patterson Lakes, VIC 3197

Patterson Lakes, located in Victoria, is a charming waterfront suburb known for its tranquil canals and picturesque marina. It offers a relaxed lifestyle with easy access to boating, fishing, and waterfront dining experiences.

“Friendliest place we’ve ever lived!”

Read more glowing reviews of Patterson Lakes here.

14/59-73 Gladesville Boulevard, Patterson Lakes VIC 3197 listed by Domo Real Estate
  1. Point Cook, VIC 3030

Point Cook is a rapidly growing suburb around 30 mins out of Melbourne CBD. It’s characterised by modern housing estates, diverse community amenities, and proximity to coastal reserves. It’s renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and convenient access to shopping centres, schools, and recreational facilities.

“Neighbours are friendly and there’s a great sense of family and lifestyle. Go for walks and there’s always a warm and friendly “Hello” to put a smile on your face.” 

Read more about Point Cook here.

82 Bayvista Circuit, Point Cook VIC 3030 listed by Reliance Real Estate Point Cook
  1. Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

Port Macquarie, located in New South Wales, is a coastal gem celebrated for its pristine beaches, scenic coastal walks, and vibrant cultural scene. It offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure with opportunities for surfing, whale watching, and exploring its rich history and natural beauty.

“I moved to Port Macquarie a few years ago and instantly felt included and a part of the community.”

Find out more about what it’s like to live in Port Mac here.

66 Gore Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444 listed by Belle Property Port Macquarie
  1. Redcliffe, QLD 4020

Redcliffe, nestled in Queensland, is a charming seaside suburb renowned for its sandy beaches, waterfront dining, and relaxed coastal lifestyle. It’s a popular destination for families and retirees alike, offering picturesque views of Moreton Bay and a range of recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and exploring local markets and parks.

“A very special place and an absolute gem!” 

Read more from the locals in Redcliffe here.

234/59 Marine Parade, Redcliffe QLD 4020 listed by Coronis Moreton Bay & Peninsula
  1. Seaford Rise, SA 5169

Seaford Rise, located in South Australia, is a tranquil suburb known for its family-friendly community, affordable housing options, and proximity to beautiful beaches and nature reserves. It offers a laid-back coastal lifestyle with easy access to shopping centres, schools, and recreational facilities, making it a desirable place to live for both locals and newcomers alike.

“There is a great community spirit there with a lot of young families building on the estate.”

Read more reviews from locals in Seaford Rise here.

46 Dalkeith Road, Seaford Rise SA 5169 listed by Ouwens Casserly Real Estate
  1. Scottsdale, TAS, 7004

Scottsdale is ranked as the third best suburb by locals in the Northern Region of Tasmania, boasts a strong community spirit and is highly recommended for its childcare, cost of living, internet access, and medical facilities. This small town is ideal for families with kids, professionals, singles, retirees, and tourists, offering a variety of amenities including parks, shopping stores, and recreational facilities like the North East Rail Trail.

Residents praise Scottsdale for its safety, friendly community, and abundant activities for all ages, making it a perfect location for anyone seeking a welcoming and vibrant country lifestyle.

Read more about Scottsdale here.

15 Coplestone Street, Scottsdale TAS 7260 listed by The Agency
  1. Ashgrove, QLD 4060

Ashgrove is a leafy suburb in Brisbane, Queensland, known for its family-friendly atmosphere, spacious parks, and vibrant community spirit. It offers a blend of traditional Queenslander homes and modern residences, along with local cafes, schools, and easy access to the CBD, making it a desirable place to live for families and professionals alike.

“Moved here recently and don’t know why I didn’t earlier. Such a great community suburb with large parks and great schools!”

Read more reviews of Ashgrove here.

53 Moola Road, Ashgrove QLD 4060 listed by Place Newmarket
  1. Kensington, VIC 3031

Kensington, VIC is a charming suburb located just north-west of Melbourne’s CBD, known for its Victorian-era architecture, leafy streets, and community-focused atmosphere. It offers convenient access to local cafes, parks, and public transport options, making it a popular choice for both families and young professionals seeking a relaxed urban lifestyle.

Locals say it’s “a gem with its multicultural vibe and friendly locals.”

Read more about Kensington here.

438 Arden Street, Kensington VIC 3031 listed by Edward Thomas Estate Agents
  1. Carlton, VIC 3053

Carlton, VIC, is an iconic suburb of Melbourne known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse dining scene, and proximity to major universities like the University of Melbourne and RMIT. It’s renowned for its historic architecture, vibrant street life, and as a hub for arts and education, making it a vibrant and sought-after area for residents and visitors alike.

Locals describe Carlton as, “Rich in culture and very welcoming.”

Read more reviews here.

9/2 Drummond Street, Carlton VIC 3053 listed by Belle Property Carlton I Melbourne I North Melbourne
  1. Merimbula, NSW 2548

Merimbula in NSW is a picturesque coastal town renowned for its pristine beaches, clear waters perfect for fishing and surfing, and a relaxed seaside atmosphere. It’s a popular destination for holidaymakers seeking natural beauty, with opportunities for exploring nearby national parks and enjoying fresh seafood at local cafes and restaurants.

The locals of Merimbula love where they live, describing it as filled with “Friendly people with the feel of a country town by the beach.”

Read more about the beautiful area here.

20-22 Hill Street, Merimbula NSW 2548 listed by Sails Real Estate
  1. Glenelg, SA 5045

Glenelg is a vibrant seaside suburb in South Australia known for its beautiful sandy beaches, lively Jetty Road precinct filled with shops and restaurants, and iconic Glenelg Pier. It offers a relaxed coastal lifestyle with opportunities for swimming, water sports, and scenic coastal walks. Glenelg also hosts cultural events and attractions like the Bay Discovery Centre, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists seeking a blend of beachside charm and urban conveniences.

“Great shopping, great beach, great people, great lifestyle.”

Read more reviews of Glenelg here.

16 St Johns Row, Glenelg SA 5045 listed by Noakes Nickolas
  1. Manly, NSW 2095

Manly is a famous beachside suburb of Sydney known for its iconic surf beaches and vibrant cafe scene along The Corso. It offers a relaxed coastal lifestyle with opportunities for surfing, swimming, and coastal walks, all conveniently accessible from Sydney’s CBD via ferry.

“Manly has some of our most beautiful beaches, the area itself is full of restaurants and really laid back and awesome people.”
Read more about Manly here.
2 Spring Cove Avenue, Manly NSW 2095 listed by The Agency Northern Beaches
  1. Secret Harbour, WA 6173

Secret Harbour  is a coastal suburb between Mandurah and Rockingham, known for its relaxed lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and family-friendly community atmosphere. It offers a peaceful environment with amenities such as parks, schools, and shopping centres, with highly rated fresh and locally produced food.

“Beautiful clean beaches. Lovely friendly neighbourhood.”

Read more reviews from locals in Secret Harbour here.

18 Barrenjoey Parkway, Secret Harbour WA 6173 listed by Ray White – The Ialacci Group
  1. Sandgate, QLD 4017

Sandgate is a charming coastal suburb north of Brisbane known for its relaxed beachside atmosphere, historic architecture, and scenic waterfront views of Moreton Bay. It offers a range of amenities including cafes, shops, and parks, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors seeking a peaceful seaside escape.

“Local community heaven. People support local business as best they can. It has a lovely friendly feel.”

Read more reviews from locals in Sandgate here.

272 Flinders Parade, Sandgate QLD 4017 listed by Professionals Sandgate
  1. Southport, QLD 4215

Southport is a bustling suburb on the Gold Coast known for its vibrant commercial center, including Australia Fair shopping mall and numerous dining options. It boasts beautiful waterfront parks along the Broadwater, offering recreational activities such as boating and picnicking.

“We feel very safe and our street is full of lovely people who take pride in their homes.”

Read more reviews from Southport locals here.

B11-3/75 Brighton Parade, Southport QLD 4215 listed by LJ Hooker Surfers Paradise
  1. Tapping, WA 6065

Tapping nestled in Perth’s northern suburbs, offers a serene residential environment with modern housing options and ample community facilities. It’s favoured for its family-friendly atmosphere, proximity to schools, parks, and shopping centres, making it an ideal choice for residents seeking a balanced suburban lifestyle.

“Beautiful homes, established area, green lawns, new houses but not brand new, parks everywhere, incredible welcoming schools and lovely people.”

Read more about life in Tapping here.

7 Kandinsky Approach, Tapping WA 6065 listed by Harcourts Alliance Joondalup

These suburbs have been highly rated by residents for their friendliness, community spirit, and overall liveability. Explore more about these suburbs and others on Homely to find your next welcoming community. 

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