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"Close to hospital and quiet, but not for long"

Lived here 14 months until Jan 2020. Before they've even built the three new Trio towers, half their view is set to be lost due to knocking down the BP petrol station for an even taller tower.
Whitehorse road side is slowly becoming an extreme wind tunnel.

Very close to box hill hospital and the after hours medical clinic. 2 tram stops for 109 tram, 5-10 minutes walk away (depending on your speed) in either direction on corner of Whitehorse road. Bus stop outside BP where buses often sail past waiting commuters (soon to be removed due to development). Beware the 109 tram on weekday mornings takes about 1.5 hours to get into the CBD, weekends it's more like 40 minutes.
Due to increasing wind tunnel and lack of cover from sun/rain/wind, the walk from Wellington Road to Box Hill Shopping Centre, train station, and bus depot is doable (15 - 20 minutes, if you're forced to wait at the lights, which give preference to cars) but a pain in the butt if the weather is sunny, raining, or windy (windy 95% of the time). Another apartment block is set to be built over the next two years, mid-way down the street and they will be building the train station connection from new Bundoora-Doncaster line over the next four years - they've started digging for just outside no. 1 Wellington Road apartments

It's handy that cars are blocked off from entering via Whitehorse road. If you work in the hospital, or in a suburb close by tram, such as Balwyn, Deepdeene, or Kew, would be a great location. Doable but a bit awkward and difficult if you work in the CBD.

On safety: Some homeless people live in the alleyway off this street, often displaying threatening behaviour (don't go through the alleyway at night, I did a few times and stopped after a homeless man challenged me to a fight). There is also a treatment centre of some kind for drug addiction at the hospital end of the street.

Park is quite safe even late at night lots of runners, male & female, and families are there.

Lots of great restaurants to try, especially on station street at the top end of Whitehorse rd. Shopping centre is filled with everything you need; chemists, coles & woolworths, takeaway & dine-in restaurants, clothing, and specialty stores.

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