Hydrangea Drive, Point Cook, VIC 3030

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Reviews of Hydrangea Drive, Point Cook

"Happy Hydrangea! Point Cook - Awesome Place to Live"

Just moved into Hydrangea Drive this year from inner city St Kilda. Absolutely love our street!! Its only 2 min walk to the Alamanda cafe, gym and swimming pool that me and my wife go to for lunch or brunch most weekends.

Its about a 3 min drive to Sanctuary Lakes shopping centre and about a 5 min drive to Point Cook Town centre. You have The Brook just up the road for entertainment and a medical centre that has just been built as well.

The street is sooooo quiet.. which I love having lived in apartments for the last 10 yrs. Love the feeling of living in a quiet country type community but being only 20 mins (on weekends or non-peak) from all the action of Melbourne.

You really do get the best of both worlds living in Point Cook. There is so much infrastructure going in. The shops are great and it is awesome seeing all the new things develop. Every day something new and exciting happens.

There is a school being built just around the corner from Hydrangea Drive which is exciting and the park with the pirate ship one street over is awesome and the kids love it.

The morning commute from Hydrangea Drive is about 40-45 mins leaving at 7.20am to South Melbourne where I work. In school holidays you can cut 10-15 mins off that. The commute on the way home is around 30-35 mins depending what time you leave.

Overall we are so delighted to have made the move out here and look forward to many many happy years in Point Cook.

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"good street to live on temporarily."

Hydrangea Drive is a good street to live on temporarily because most of the houses on the streets are rentals. We are one of those rentals. People come and go every year so you dont really get to know many of your neighbours. But basically, Point Cook is a great area in general. Having moved over from Perth just over a year ago we are finding there are no where near any estates in Perth that compare let alone offer any kind of lifestyle for our children. Plenty of places to shop and with Werribee not far away, there really is no need to go to the city! Our child attends the new Point Cook College and we couldn't be happier with the school. Child care is everywhere in Point Cook and there is an adundance of parklands. There are so many parks in Point Cook that the children never get bored. Only thing that i dont like is a lot of the nature strips are left overgrown with weeds that the council do up then just leave to overgrow and dont get taken care for at least 6 months. A lot of the roads need fixing up but then most areas are like that! Overall Point Cook is a wonderful area.

Who lives here?

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  • Families with kids
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Hi Ang, my family is planning to move to Australia within one to two years. we just visited Melbourne during malaysia school holiday recently but most of our time we were at the east site of melbourne. Heard about Point cook from the internet unfortunately do not have time to pay a visit. My friend wouldn't recommend me the place, his reason was transportation is not convenient. Is there any public transport such as railway station to the CBD ? I would like to hear from ppl who eventually leave there, what do you think of this place ? Is it convenient to stay in Point Cook and working in CBD ? Any good primary school around the area ?Appreciate your comment on this, thank you very much.

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Hydrangea Drive
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