5.2 out of 10

River Walk Drive, Point Cook

Ranked 6th best street in Point Cook
-37.89004 144.77364
Great for
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Peace & Quiet
  • Safe & Sound
  • Childcare
  • Internet Access
Not great for
  • Parking
  • Public Transport
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping Options
  • Clean & Green
Who lives here?
  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees


1/5 rating details
  • Neighbourly Spirit 1/5
  • Safe & Sound 3/5
  • Clean & Green 1/5
  • Pest Free 1/5
  • Peace & Quiet 3/5
  • Eating Out 1/5
  • Nightlife 1/5
  • Parks & Recreation 3/5
  • Shopping Options 1/5
  • Gym & Fitness 1/5
  • Internet Access 3/5
  • Lack of Traffic 1/5
  • Parking 1/5
  • Cost of Living 1/5
  • Resale or Rental Value 1/5
  • Public Transport 1/5
  • Medical Facilities 2/5
  • Schools 2/5
  • Childcare 2/5

"ZERO percent captial growth after seven years"

This development is a DUMP!
After seven years ZERO capital growth. Very high body corporate fees and they don't even maintain the common property properly - strewn with rubbish and weeds. There is an outdoor pool - all the kids from the surrounding suburb use it at the lot owners expense. It is gated - the gate never works - it is either open or visitors can not get in. The parking is terrible - people park anywhere and everywhere. Mostly rented property so the houses and yards are not maintained properly the place is unsightly. It is infested with tiger snakes - at least the snakes eat the mice.
Just go and look at it with your own eyes if you do not believe me - or purchase one of those property price reports for the street and calculate the numbers for yourself.
I recommend this place for people who are down-and-out as an alternative to living in a caravan park.
  • The houses are selling cheap
  • Very high body corporate fees
  • Poorly maintained common property
  • Low resale value
rapu54 Please don't generalize! Your comments DO NOT reflect on the whole of Sanctuary Lakes. Looks like you brought in the Signature compound, which is gated with double the standard Owner Corp (BC) rates, you new that when you brought there. So my advice to anyone reading this is to ignore these rantings.....
burntbad You are correct. I was an idiot to buy a property in Signature Boulevard.
rapu54 If I was in your position, I would lobby all the owners there with a proposal to remove/leave the gates open. Also close the pool/gym or whatever is there, even better sell it, maybe it could be turned in to a residence? Then get your B/C cut in half. It would $100k to your property values overnight!
The B/C Owner Corp can be changed I witnessed it a GM a few years ago.
Personally I vote to get rid of the whole B/C, security the works, the place is no better maintained than the rest of Point Cook.
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5/5 rating details
  • Neighbourly Spirit 5/5
  • Safe & Sound 5/5
  • Clean & Green 4/5
  • Pest Free 4/5
  • Peace & Quiet 5/5
  • Eating Out 4/5
  • Nightlife 3/5
  • Parks & Recreation 5/5
  • Shopping Options 3/5
  • Gym & Fitness 5/5
  • Internet Access 4/5
  • Lack of Traffic 4/5
  • Cost of Living 4/5
  • Resale or Rental Value 5/5
  • Public Transport 1/5
  • Medical Facilities 4/5
  • Schools 4/5
  • Childcare 5/5

"Private and tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life"

Signature Blvd is a beautiful estate in a Gated community within Sanctuary Lakes. It provides a private and tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There has been some recent landscaping development throughout the estate, promoting more park benches and trees to facilitate to the residence within the Signature Estate. The residents have exclusive access to their own gym and pool facility which no doubt helps promote the resort lifestyle that Sanctuary Lakes is about.

The estate provided a safe environment for the children within the area, and as a parent, I love the fact that my child can freely explore the neighbourhood without worrying about stranger danger. Overall, an exceptional estate wihtin the inner western suburbs that provides the ideal haven for families and couples.
Recommended for
  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
Lakechange Hi Willsta, My family and I are thinking of moving to Sanctuary Lakes and have a few questions you may be able to answer. What did the lake look like during the worst of the drought? Was the water level low? Do the lake and nearby wet lands attract more than the usual amount of mosquitos during summer? Do you know why the last stage of blocks has taken so long to be released? The estate started about 14 years ago so it seems strange that it has taken so long for the last stage to go up for sale. Just wondering if there have been any problems with the council or an environmental group or something like that. I know of a development that was put on hold because of an endangered local frog. So thought there may have been a similar problem.
willsta Hi Lakechange. I will try to provide you with information to the best of my knowledge. Firstly, the Lake itself is made up of salt water that is pumped in via the sea, therefore it is free from mosquito's and other airborne insects. Its levels are full all year round as the seawater is very unique to Sanctuary Lakes and I can say that there aren't many, if any other estate out there that offer the same quality structure. The wetlands however do attract mosquito's in the summertime, but most residence in Sanctuary Lakes do not see any substantial change in the number of mosquitos. It is those that live close to edge of the wetlands that will experience a greater increases during this period. In regards to your final question, I'm uncertain as to why it has taken so long to release the final stage of Sanctuary Lakes. It's best to ask a local Real Estate Agent or the developers themselves, however I can reassure you that Sanctuary Lakes offers the best in lifestyle and tranquility that money can buy. There is no other suburb out there that is as beautiful or unique as Sanctuary Lakes and only 20kms from the city. I hope this helps and good luck with your search!
Lakechange Hi Willsta, Thanks so much for your prompt reply. It's good to know that the level of the lake stays the same and is not affected by the drought. I look forward to eventually moving there.
burntbad Tranquil oasis - more like stnking cesspool.
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