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Ferryden Park

"The nice looks are deceiving...."

Ferryden Park is an inner north-western suburb of metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia. It is located within at least 20-25 minutes from the CBD and is often a nice looking area that defeats and decieves its purpose of being a negative area. First of all, Ferryden Park is situated within seconds to Hanson Road, a dodgy strip, and surrounded by unsafe areas such as Woodville North, Mansfield Park and Angle Park. Ferryden Park is also added to this list. It is dodgy and unsafe while the nice, attractive-looking homes are deceived by crime dealers and rude people.

Ferryden Park, judging by looks, is a clean and green area, mostly agreeable in the newer parts. Generally there is no rubbish and the area is kept nice and clean. Peacefulness in this area is a general thing as well. But the hooligans of neighbours can cause loud disputes, screeching tyres and disruptive fights in the streets. This is predominantly noticeable in the older parts of Ferryden Park but also has been noticeable over the last few years in the newer parts, but not so much.

There are many Housing Trust homes in Ferryden Park and some look well-looked after while some look horrible.

With amenities, Ferryden Park is fairly distant to most of amenities. Shopping options are average, with the very recently newly renovated Arndale Shopping Centre (Kilkenny), which now FINALLY attracts more decent and nicely dressed people instead of the occasional loud, argumentative teenagers/young adults. Ferryden Park is situated only 5 minutes from Arndale, and with a turn down Hanson Road, you arrive there. It is a fairly good shopping centre with the average shops you would want. Definitely not my favourite place, but is good for the area. If you won't mind, take a much better option and head to Westfield West Lakes (West Lakes), only 15 minutes away, Westfield Tea Tree Plaza (Modbury) only 20 minutes away or the CBD, 25 minutes away.

Schools and childcare are also not so great in Ferryden Park or surrounding areas, and typically, schools closest to Ferryden Park range between 15-30 minutes. Traffic hours can cause a longer and more frustrating delay, taking 35-40 minutes to some schools and even childcares.

Nightlife is bad in Ferryden Park and surroundings, so your best choices are the metro beaches located 30 minutes away or the CBD 25 minutes away. Pretty far, but will be worth every cent, especially if your planning on having an exciting night.

Public transport in Ferryden Park is fair but still not as great as some other areas and this can cause a big problem if you have work in the CBD or on the other side of town.

In conclusion, Ferryden Park is an area which is, brutally put, deceived and very bad with hooligans ruining the suburb, pretty far from the beaches, city, schools/childcares and shopping centres. But is chiefly peaceful, clean and green with little or no rubbish around. However, be warned - DO NOT be lured into believing it is a nice area with safe neighbours, ect. You may need to drive around the area or go to a local park here if you would like to experience or gain some insight of the truth of Ferryden Park. And trust me, you will not be impressed!

(PS. This is all based on my experience after driving through the area many times to get to a medial centre and I have experienced visually seeing everything. Obviously I am not a resident but please respect that as I respect others who have visited areas they've never lived in and based experience after visiting).

Great for

  • Generally peaceful and clean
  • Housing is pretty cheap
  • Nothing else really

Not great for

  • Unsafe, hooligans
  • Shopping options - also far from basically everything you need close by.
  • Schools

Misinformation seems to be everywhere.
For the reader, do a Google search for schools nearby and you'll see a ton or quality schools like
- WhiteFriars Catholic Primary
- St Michaels Primary
- St Margaret Marys
- Challa Gardens Primary.
Look on website for ratings ...
Do a google Search for Childcare and you'll see lots of affordable childcare like
- Goodstart Learning
- Confident Kids
- Emali
This suburb is in the Meccaa between Churchill Centre with Costco, Arndale Amada,

15 minutes to Semaphore Beach .. Adelaide CBD ... bus trip express is 15 minutes to the city.
TAFESA's only hospitality campus is next door at Regency ..
It's on the corridor of South Road.
Once again look at Google Maps to see amenities.

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